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EVE Online Patch Notes for Revelations 2.2.1 E-mail
Monday, 07 January 2008
Patch Notes for Revelations 2.2.1


  • Contract prices from corporate contracts now go into the same wallet division used to create the contract.

EVE Voice

  • Crash issues with EVE-Voice have been solved.
  • Troubleshooter should no longer cause errors.
  • The "keypad ," button has been removed as a push to talk button.
  • Turning on and leaving ECHO test no longer gives error.

Loyalty Point Store

  • Blueprint Copy offers in the LP store are now better differentiated from Original Blueprints.
  • The journal will now display appropriate message if you have no LP's.
  • The LPS tab in the journal has been renamed to Loyalty Points.
  • Loyalty point amount in journal, now updates when player accepts offer.
  • The loyalty point store filter has been fixed.

Ships & Modules

  • Notify Message for Invulnerability Field has been fixed.
  • Dragging an item from cargo to assets no longer throws an exception.
  • Modules with Heat Damage now display correct damage.
  • Damage state of modules that have overheated should now be properly saved when refitting during session change.
  • Ship explosion sound should no longer be played twice.


  • Starbase towers, whose damage states are changing and below 95% shield are now persisted periodically in the DB.
  • Starbases now respond to attack by drones/fighters.
  • Control Towers now start at 50% shields when they are anchored.


  • A bug where "Buy this type" would set up an order in a wrong station has been fixed.
  • The skill Astronautic Engineering has been taken off the NPC market.


  • Systems I've visited function should now work properly.
  • Deadspace complexes descriptions should no longer overlap.


  • Transactions and Journal tabs behavior should no longer be inconsistent.

Exploit Fixes

  • Issue fixed where character could get Level 6 in Mining. The 6th Level has been removed from the characters that had that level.
  • ECM bursting drones now flags you for aggression just as if you'd aggressed their owner.

General Fixes

  • More alliance logos have been added or updated (20+).
  • Clients with extra files in the bin directory now handle the situation more gracefully and inform the user better about the files that need to be removed to fix the problem.
  • Sound issues causing CTD's in certain circumstances when warping to a Stargate have been fixed.
  • NeedForSpeed : Improvements to Heat.
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