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EVE Online Trinity Patch Notes E-mail
Monday, 07 January 2008

EVE: Trinity Changes and Fixes

Tutorial, NPE and Character Creation

  • The Science and Industry tutorials have been expanded.
  • An asteroid which could cause confusion for new players has been removed from tutorial dungeons.
  • A typographical error in the "Executive Commander" creation path has been fixed.
  • Tutorial items explaining bounties have been updated to reflect CONCORD's new procedures.
  • Invalid audio buttons will no longer appear in the tutorials.
  • An issue with disconnects in character creation should be solved.
  • An exception will no longer be thrown when pressing the Back button in the tutorial.
  • Character creation audio will no longer leak into the station once the tutorial has been completed.
  • A warning dialogue will open if a player leaves the tutorial dungeon.
  • Pending disconnect notification during character creation will have a faster response if the user spends a large amount of time on the process.
  • Extra pods will no longer be created when logging into the station environment and a rookie ship for the first time.
  • Amarr Business Entrepreneurs characters were missing Gunnery II, as it is a pre-requirement for Controlled burst which they get through Character creation. This has now been fixed.


  • The "Fast Talk" skill now works as intended.
  • The Electronic Warfare skill description has been fixed.
  • The description of the Projected Electronic Counter Measures skill has been changed to better reflect the skill bonus per level.
  • An error in the description of the 'Reverse Engineering' skill has been fixed.
  • The description of the specialist leadership skills (Armored Warfare Specialist etc) have been updated to better reflect the skill bonus mechanics.
  • Heavy Assault Missile Specialization skill has had its description corrected.
  • Aborting skill training message now correctly warns training on the current skill will be paused.
  • The description of Laser Physics and Minmatar Starship Engineering skills have been corrected.

Implants and Boosters

  • Attributes on ‘Squire’ CC2, CC4 and CC8 implants now show percentage value.
  • Whelan Machorin is getting with the times, now you can now search for and create contracts for his Ballistic Smartlink in the contract system. Smokin'!
  • Not to be outdone by Machorin, Shaquil thinks it's a cool idea to be able to search for his own Speed Enhancer implant in the Contracts system.
  • Akemon is following in the footsteps of Machorin and Shaquil. His Modified 'Noble' ZET5000 can also be searched for in the contracts system.
  • The Hardwiring - Zainou 'Beancounter', 'Gypsy' and Inherent Implants ´Highwall´ series implants are now shown in their correct market groups.
  • The Hardwiring - Zainou 'Beancounter' F60 is now published onto the market.
  • The Hardwiring - Zainou 'Gypsy' KNB implants now correctly affect the scan resolution rather than the targeting range
  • The Hardwiring - Zainou 'Deadeye' ZGC and Poteque Pharmaceuticals 'Consul' PPB series of implant descriptions have been corrected.
  • The description of the Rogue Y-0 series of implants now shows the proper 1% bonus.
  • An error of the description of some Pure Improved Drop Boosters has been fixed.


  • Corp standings toward an individual player can now be set through the Info window of that character.
  • Blueprints no longer become lost if office rent expires before job completion. Blueprints will no longer be returned to a non-existent corporation hanger.
  • Corporations are now able to reject the applications of applicants who had roles in a different corporation in the previous 24 hours.
  • Shares from terminated characters are now returned to the corporation.
  • The pop-up message displayed when attempting to rent a corporation office when insufficient funds are available has been clarified.
  • Transferring shares to a new corp member should no longer result in an error.
  • Drop-down menus in the Corporation Auditing window have been enlarged.
  • If a corporation's CEO's roles have been revoked during a voting period, the CEO will now receive an EVEmail notification.
  • Even though the patch note item has not been clarified, the default locked/unlocked item configuration on station containers within corp hangers has.
  • Dragging an item from a personal hangar to a container inside a corp hangar will correctly inform the user that it may not be possible to retrieve the item later.
  • An issue preventing the proper display of titles unless the previous title was selected has been resolved.
  • Issues with hangar roles and container configurations have been resolved.
  • Directors and CEO's can now set their corp standing towards themselves.

Eve Voice and Chat

  • Attempting to create more than 10 chat channels or mailing lists will no longer result in a client exception disallowing the player from creating any more channels regardless of how many channels or lists are deleted.
  • "Move the last speaker to the top" option now works as intended.
  • You can now disable Eve Voice from the Settings menu.
  • Push-to-talk button settings are no longer saved per client, but per account.
  • A rare crash issue involving Eve Voice has been resolved.
  • You should no longer be able to join more than 3 channels with EVE Voice
  • EVE Voice log spam has been reduced.

Gangs and Fleets

  • Fleet, Squad and Wing Commanders can now 'tag' targets as intended.
  • Gang invite warnings have been clarified.
  • The message that pops up when two non corpmates form a fleet has been rewritten to make more sense

User Interface

  • An issue with corp titles not listing properly in character info has been resolved.
  • The "Show on Map" button in the Corporation Info window works correctly when used in a station with the environment turned off.
  • Unnecessary text has been removed from the Jump Clone section of the character sheet.
  • Station guest list will now show standings correctly.
  • Right-click menu options (close and minimize) are no longer accessible when the ESC menu option "Merge 'items' and 'ships' into station panel" option is enabled.
  • COSMOS Cloaking devices are now categorized correctly under the variations tab in Show Info windows.
  • When joining a fleet, the fleet overview defaults to a minimized state.
  • The log window has been the recipient of localization changes.
  • You now receive an error message when trying to stack items in a can you do not have permission to access.
  • Playes with a globally aggression flag will now receive warnings when jumping into or undocking in high security space.
  • Some overlapping text in the fitting screen has been fixed.
  • Resizing the EVE client window from the ESC menu would sometimes throw an exception, this has been fixed.
  • The character sheet no longer shows an unnecessary [0] in Jump clone info.
  • Tabs in the Show Info window for solar systems have been renamed from "Constellation" to "Related" and "Adjacent".
  • On a ship's Show Info, under the Attributes tab, the title "Capacity" has been changed to "Capacitor".
  • Closing the Reprocessing Plant window would sometimes throw an exception. This has been fixed.
  • Very long corporation names now display correctly in the Edit Standings window.
  • Warning messages will no longer pop up when assisting a criminal in 0.0 space.
  • Icons in the ships and items hangars will no longer display a white border if the camera is rotated while in station.
  • A rare issue where a corporation name overlapped the standing making it impossible to see the value has been resolved.
  • Modified the encoding method for IGB urls. This should not affect existing systems.
  • An Unicode issue was causing clients installed on Windows running the Czech language pack to display white squares in the map browser. This has been fixed.
  • Alt tabbing whilst your screen is loading no longer causes the client to become unresponsive.
  • The "limitless zoom" effect no longer occurs after clone jumping or being podded.
  • Drop down menus for the month in the corporation auditing screen have been enlarged.
  • You can now use ctrl+left click to target an item on the scanner results window.
  • You will now be able to see if the text you have pasted into your bio is longer than the character limit. Previously, the excess would be cut after you closed the window with no notification given.
  • The character sheet window will no longer attempt to position itself outside of the screen.
  • The map will no longer flash when jumping between systems with the map open.
  • Selecting the on-board scanner while the system map is open should no longer error.
  • A cosmetic error has been fixed when opening the People and Places window.
  • Missiles outside hit range will no longer cause a graphical jolt effect to your ship.
  • A font kerning issue that occurred when adding special characters to the ship’s name has been fixed.
  • The UI timer for jamming will no longer exceed 20 seconds.


  • Modified the descriptions of all Titans to correctly name the Jump Portal Generator I as the recipient of the Jump Bridge bonus.
  • An issue that could cause a Carrier to decloak if it had recently jumped and cloaked has been resolved.
  • The descriptions of Carriers and Motherships have been changed to make it clear that the Remote Energy/Shield/Armor Transfer bonus applies to Capital sized modules only.
  • Docking in a Carrier or Rorqual ship while having multiple corp hangar windows open should no longer throw exceptions.
  • ORE has updated the description on their Rorqual ship to include the other specialization bonuses they managed to build into it.
  • Paperwork regarding the actual ownership of Rorqual assembly lines is now included in every Station Manager's manual. Assembly lines are now always available to the current pilot of the ship.
  • When a drone-controlling ship is destroyed no more exceptions will be thrown.
  • The misleading speed bonus description of Stealth Bombers has been clarified.
  • T1 variations have been removed from the info of the Iteron industrial ships to avoid confusion. Now the Iteron and Iteron III will display a Variations tab.
  • Errors in the descriptions of the following have been resolved:
    • Thorax
    • Tristan
    • Incursus
    • Typhoon
    • Skiff and Mackinaw include their resistance bonus
    • Ship attributes regarding the capacitor section
  • Capital and Capital Industrial class ships (Carriers, Motherships, Titans and Rorquals) will need to have ships removed from their ship maintenance arrays before the deployment of EVE: Trinity. Leaving anything other than ammunition or cap booster charges in the array may result in the ship not being able to move, warp or jump.


  • Bomb launcher powergrid usages are now correctly affected by the Advanced Weapon Upgrades skill.
  • Some issues regarding disconnects/emergency warps and Siege/Triage/industrial core modules have been resolved.
  • The signature radius of Mobile Warp disruptors has been added to their info window.
  • Heavy Energy Neutralizer II is now better than its best T1 counterpart.
  • Micro Supplemental Barrier Emitters now use less CPU than their larger counterparts.
  • An issue where reloading Warp Disruptor Probes in an empty Interdictor Sphere Launcher caused the probes to disappear from the cargo hold has been fixed.
  • The volume of a selection of tech 1 player manufactured modules has been increased by varying factors to take into account the materials used to manufacture them.
  • Attempting to overload a module while cloaked (not possible) would prevent overload of that module after uncloaking. This no longer happens
  • Tech II weaponry will now list the ammunition types they are capable of using.
  • Capital-sized turrets list ammo types in their description.
  • The descriptions of a number of energy weapons have been modified.
  • Descriptions of missile launchers now lists compatible ammunition types.
  • Proton ammunition is now properly named in projectile ammunition lists.
  • The Khanid Navy Ballistic Control System has now the variation tab it was missing.
  • Khanid modules are now correctly listed on the variations tabs.
  • MicroWarpdrives and Afterburners will no longer list a ‘Shield HP Bonus’ attribute.
  • Description for ship scanner modules have been updated to more accurately represent the way they work.
  • Misleading descriptions concerning the use of Doom, Purgatory, Rift and Thor Torpedos with Carriers has been clarified.
  • Errors in the descriptions of the following items have been fixed:
    • Siege Warfare Link - Active Shielding module lists the decrease in duration for shield transporters.
    • Overload bonus for MWD/Afterburners
    • Signal Focusing Kit I and II
    • Sensor booster I
    • Siege Warfare Link - Active Shielding
    • 1mn Microwarpdive II Attributes
    • The ammo types for turrets and some missile launchers
    • The Deep Space Observator Probe
    • Codebreakers now show correct meta level
    • ‘Habitat’ Miner I
    • The metalevel of the ML-3 Amp and Rock-Scanning Arrays


  • Drones will now attack secure containers.
  • Skills will no longer affect the orbit speed of drones.
  • The Infiltrator I & II have had their mass reduced to be inline with other drones in their group.
  • Drone groups will properly persist after logging off.
  • Pilots controlling delegated fighters will now receive hitpoint updates on the fighters under their control (while the fighters are in the same grid).
  • Drones should now return to the drone bay when recalled at high velocity.
  • Fighters would occasionally get stuck in "following" mode, and not return to the drone bay when so ordered. This has been fixed.
  • Drone folders should now update correctly when drones from different groups are recalled.
  • Fighters will no longer sit idle at a force field boundary whilst their target is within its protective curtain.
  • The drone bay will no longer clutter the UI if it’s empty, or you are controlling no drones.

Starbases & Outposts

  • A purely visual problem where it appeared as if a bpc in a starbases mobile lab could be invented from blueprints in a station.
  • The error message displayed when trying to assume control of Starbase guns in high sec space was changed to be more descriptive.
  • Starbase laser batteries will no longer shoot if they don't have ammo loaded. This resolved a graphic error where the batteries would continue to shoot but were not inflicting damage.
  • The names of the faction energy neutralizing battery blueprints have been corrected to match the name of the structure.
  • Conquerable stations' "Cost modifiers" now work for standings from corp to corp, you no longer need to set standing from the owner corporation to the single player.
  • Starbase structures outside the forccefield now receive a 99% resist bonus on their structure HP while the Tower is online. General structure hitpoints have been reduced so they are easier to destroy once the Starbase is destroyed.
  • Starbase Jump Bridges will now stay in the Starbase Structures listing after each downtime.
  • Fixed an issue where loading environment of certain outposts caused an exception.
  • Powergrid Usage of 'Serpentis Small Railgun Battery' is now 81000MW, lower than the powergrid usage of 'Small Railgun Battery'.
  • Sound effect handling outside stations has been improved.
  • When a linked and online jump bridge is destroyed, it will now unlink properly and not affect bridge on the other end of the link.
  • Small Sansha Control tower now uses the correct amount of Strontium Clathrates when in reinforced - 50 per hour.
  • The description of Reactor Arrays have been updated to prevent confusion.
  • Volume of small/advanced small ship assembly array have been decreased to 10000M3 and the volume of medium/advanced medium ship assembly array have been decreased to 17000M3.
  • The description of Shield Hardener Arrays have been modified to include they have a stacking penalty. This is not a new penalty, but the addition of an existing limitation.
  • Starbases with damage to their shields will no longer reset to 50% shields after downtime. This will be resolved in a future patch.
  • The Basic Refinery Upgrade now improves the outpost as intended.
  • Sukuuvestaa corporation has requested the SCC change the description on their Control Tower products.
  • Explanatory labels have been added to the Cost modifiers outpost interface to make it more intuitive.
  • When a starbase tower is destroyed all structures dependant on that tower can now be unanchored by any pilot, note that this destroys all items located within that structure.
  • Un-discountable station services have been removed from the Cost Modifiers tab in the Outpost station management interface.
  • Further work has been carried out to resolve problems with jump bridge arrays losing their links during downtimes.
  • The description of Serpentis Heavy Missile Battery has been corrected.
  • DED fuel mails are no longer sent when Liquid Ozone and Heavy Water are not present in the fuel bay of a control tower if no structures use these resources.
  • If a starbase goes offline while unanchoring an attached array, the array will no longer go into a null state and break.
  • An issue with setting up force fields at control towers has been fixed, and the password requirement is now clear.
  • Outposts that have been selected as constellation capitals can now be unselected before the Constellation Sovereignty goes into effect.
  • The cost modifiers in outposts and conquerable stations are now scaleable.
  • Starbases no longer send attack warning alerts when they are being repaired.
  • Conquerable stations no longer be checked as constellation capital.
  • It is now possible to unselect a station as constellation capital during the time it takes to go from Sov 3 to Sov 4. Once it becomes constellation capital it cannot be changed.
  • The Control Tower interface columns will now resize correctly.
  • It will no longer be possible to open multiple instances of a Corporate Hangar Array.
  • Fixed a misprint in the Moon Harvesting Array II description.
  • A newly deployed starbase will not have a forcefield bubble until a password is set and the UI shows the forcefield as 'active' (status can be seen on the panel you set the password on).
  • The description of Reactor Arrays have been clarified.
  • The consumption rate of Strontium Clathrates has been doubled for control towers in reinforced mode, which leads to the maximum reinforced times being halved to up to 2.5 days with all sovereignty bonuses (around 1.5 days with no bonuses).

Loyalty Point Store

  • The Loyalty Point Store no longer updates when items are moved to or from your hangar, thus reducing client lag.
  • The Loyalty Point Store will now correctly appear in the Station services tab when clicking Show Info on a station.


  • The Elite Drone Parasite now leaves a wreck on destructions instead of just a can.
  • Some mission NPC frigates were missing wreck model assignments, this has been resolved.
  • The Spider Drone I should now only webify, the Spider Drone II now webifies and does damage.
  • The Strain Infester Alvi Drone now has a correctly operating stasis webifier.
  • The Strain Infester, Splinter, Render and Decimator Alvi now work properly; chip malfunction made them accelerate their targets rather than slow them down when webifying.
  • The loot tables on multiple NPCs have been corrected.
  • The 'WANTED' label on NPCs who are not actually wanted has been removed.
  • The Khanid Mashtori is now commandeering a vessel fit for his rank. Beware of his dark and deadly Apocalypse.
  • Apparently Serpentis operatives had managed to infiltrate our archives and spread misleading information about the background of Salvador Sarpati. We have now corrected the damaged documentation to correctly display that Salvador was in fact a Caldari by birth and adopted into a Gallente family.
  • Not to be outdone, operatives acting on behalf of Zemnar were able to duplicate the acts of Sarpati's operatives. CONCORD has purged the incorrect description.
  • After numerous threats requests from the Blood Raiders, the authorities have been 'convinced' to correct their official corporate description.
  • Errors in the description of the Theology Council, Sisters of Eve, the Ammatar Mandate, Interbus, and Society of Conscious Thought have been corrected.
  • Errors in the descriptions of various CONCORD ships have been resolved.
  • Errors in the 'Serpentis Sensor Dampening Battery', 'Dread Guristas Phase Inversion Battery' and 'Guristas Phase Inversion Battery' descriptions have been fixed.
  • NPC bounties are no longer delivered when you kill an NPC but rather 15-20 minutes after you kill your first NPC in a system.

Missions, Dungeons and Exploration

  • An issue where some dungeons could not be completed if specific structures where destroyed has been fixed.
  • Some spawn containers descriptions would incorrectly require Archeology to open them when in fact Salvaging is required. This has been resolved.
  • The location of a beacon at the entry point of "Pirate Invasion" lvl4 mission has been moved.
  • Some cosmetic changes to the clouds in "The Blockade" missions have been made to ease performance issues on lower end PCs.
  • Cosmic Agent Site Signatures now appear in the results of Multifrequency Scan Probes.
  • When scanning with the map open, you will now see the ship name, accuracy and distance shown on the map.
  • Cosmic anomalies can no longer be found by using the directional scanner.
  • When using Multifrequency probes, Cosmic Anomaly scans and Cosmic Signature scans will no longer give the same results.
  • An issue occasionally prevented players from using the gang completion option in courier missions has been resolved.
  • Warping your Squad to a mission location is now possible.
  • In "Making Mountains out of Molehills", the completion notice would sometimes trigger early, causing confusion as to whether the mission was complete or not. This has been fixed.
  • The mission "Rogue Crop - Alpha Strike 4 of 4" now drops the required loot.
  • The booster BPCs given by agents as reward now matching the gas clouds and reaction types being dropped in the same constellation.
  • A container was blocked by a structure in an exploration hacking site. The container has been moved to make it more accessible.
  • Some COSMOS dungeons where missing DED transmissions when warping to them. This has been resolved.
  • Removed incorrect faction NPCs from the "Recon 1/3" mission.
  • Bonus time in the Storyline Rookie courier missions have been adjusted to 24 hours.
  • The bonus time limit for the "Cash Flow for Capsuleers 10/10" mission has been increased.
  • The details in missions "Enemies Abound (3,4,and 5 of 5)" have been fixed and faction icons are now in the right place.
  • Errors in the following mission descriptions have been fixed:
    • "Kidnappers Strike - The Flu Outbreak (6 of 10)"
    • "Technological Secrets (3 of 3)"
    • "The Assault"
    • "Endless Battle"
    • "Guristas Strike - The Flu Outbreak (6 of 10)"
    • "Data Transportation"
    • "Silence the Informant" level 4
    • "In the Name of Science - Portal (4 of 4)"
    • "In the Midst of Deadspace (2 of 5)"
    • "New Slaves - A New Rebellion (3 of 5)"
    • "Cash Flow for Capsuleers 2/10"
    • "Balancing the books(6 of 10)" and "Balancing the books(9 of 10)"
    • "Escaped Terrorist"
    • All versions of the mission "Honor"
    • "For the Honor of Rouvenor"
    • "The Missing Reporters- Bad Timing (2 of 3)"
    • "Balancing the Books (7 of 10) to correctly name the enemy NPCs
    • "Massive Attack" level 3 correctly states the system the mission will take place in
    • "Intercept the saboteurs" has been changed to clarify the mission objectives
    • "Escaped Killer" bookmark is correctly named
  • "dronewallsentrygun" has been changed to "drone wall sentry gun".
  • Agents in space no longer refer to a hangar as the location of the mission package in Courier Mission briefings.
  • Greetings offered by some agents should no longer contain errors.
  • Autaris Pia is happy. His name is now shown in the overview properly.

Science and Industry

  • A disclaimer has been added to blueprints denoting that the bill of materials is only accurate for a single run due to rounded off quantities.
  • During production, blueprint waste and character waste are now rounded off after all other computations have been done. This results in more accurate waste figures than before.
  • Waste rounding up/down is no longer applied inconsistently when calculating the waste of multi-run manufacturing jobs.
  • Tech 2 Small and Medium Hull Repairers now require their Tech 1 counterparts as building requirements, not Armor Repairers as before.
  • The descriptions of Assembly Arrays and Mobile Labs have been edited to include slot counts and job time modifiers.
  • Compressed Ice BPOs now show correct manufacturing material requirements.
  • Research/Copy time of Compression BPOs have been corrected.
  • Invention requirements on Thorium Charge S have been changed to Quantum and Plasma Physics datacores.
  • Added invention requirements for Gleam S to Multifrequency S blueprint.
  • Skill requirements for invention of Electronics rigs have been corrected, instead of Jury Rigging V they now require Jury Rigging I and Industry V.
  • Research Tech Time now shows as an attribute on BPC's - it is the time necessary for an invention run.
  • Outpost BPOs now show the correct "i" icon next to the product.
  • Energy Tech RAMs are now requirements for the following: Miner II Blueprint, Modulated Strip Miner II Blueprint, Modulated Deep Core Miner II Blueprint, Ice Harvester II Blueprint.
  • The invention requirements for the RADAR Backup Array I blueprint have been corrected to use the Occult Data Interface.
  • Invention possibility has been removed from ships without Tech 2 variants.
  • Fixed an error in the description of the "Republic Fleet Ballistic Control System Blueprint"
  • Decryptors and Base Items in the main invention window are no longer cached except on remote corporation jobs.
  • The skill requirement for construction of energy weapon tech II rigs has been corrected.
  • You are no longer able to break the plastic wrap on a package unless it is on your personal hangar floor.
  • Errors in the description of some reaction types have been fixed.
  • Plastic wraps can now only be broken in your personal hanger floor.
  • The Ice Harvester Upgrade II Blueprint and Mining Laser Upgrade II Blueprint now have T2 icons.


  • Items containing "Takmahl" in their name have been added to the contract search in the Available Contracts tab.
  • Whelan Machorin is getting with the times, it is possible to search and create contracts for his Ballistic Smartlink in the contract system.
  • You can now search for the Shaquil's Speed Enhancer implant in the Contracts system.
  • An error in the contract system which caused some contracts to be stuck in the available contracts tab after they had been accepted has been resolved.
  • An error message when attempting to block more than 80 contract issuers has been added.
  • The Vigilant Blueprint can now be found as an Item Type within Contracts.
  • Contract filtering settings now reset correctly when clicking the item to view the contracts assigned to you.
  • An issue with removing characters from the ignored list in the contracts system has been resolved.
  • Contracts on ships and secure containers in the corporation deliveries hangar can be created by members with the Accountant or Trader role.
  • Collateral and reward money should no longer disappeared when a courier contract has failed.
  • Old filter settings will now reset on clicking "x contracts assigned" on the Start page.
  • Messages appearing when creating loan contracts have been clarified.
  • The "Small 'Siesta' Capacitor Booster" and "Small 'Settler' Shield Booster" along with their blueprints can now be found via the contracts search.
  • A minor issue with item exchange contracts not being able to identify stacks of items has been resolved.
  • Clicking the "x" on the start page for contracts assigned now correctly clears the information in the window.


  • The message generated when attempting to buy or sell items without the funds to pay tax has been clarified.
  • The green highlighting for market orders has been fixed to correctly highlight orders within range.
  • Expired market orders (buy/sell) are removed from the 'Details' tab in the Market interface.
  • The market icon for the Rorqual has been fixed.
  • The Modulated Deep Core Miner II, Hardwiring- Zainou 'Gypsy' series and Hardwiring - Inherent Implants ´Highwall´ series implants are now shown in their correct market groups.
  • Several sub-categories have been added to the market to make viewing easier. For example, splitting items between Capital, Large, Medium and Small groups.
  • Icons in the market interface are now more consistent.
  • Modify sell order price dialog no longer lacks a confirmation message.
  • Illegal items can now be traded on the market in regions where they are condemned.
  • 'Insufficient ISK in wallet' messages when modifying market orders were not showing the correct amount of ISK needed, this has now been resolved.
  • An error in the purchase order error message has been fixed.
  • NPC buy orders for minerals have been removed.
  • An error in the Auxiliary Power Control Groups market entries have been fixed.
  • An error in the description of "Smashed Trigger Unit" has been fixed.


  • There were rare cases of people being unable to load their client after the 2.3 patch. The cause of this has been resolved.
  • Several fixes relating to the display of messages in multiple languages have been made.
  • Several obsolete dlls have been removed from the client. Note that there is a small possibility that your client will report as having incorrect files in the /bin/ directory as a result of this. If this occurs, please remove the files named.
  • Bookmarks will no longer disappear when moved or copied into a corp hangar.
  • Fixed an issue where bookmarks could be placed in the dronebay and would count towards your drone limit. Now, only drones can be placed in the dronebay.
  • Engaging self destruct within 2 minutes of previously engaging self destruct will abort the sequence, regardless of what ship you are currently piloting.
  • The clear cache button now closes all clients, not just one.
  • The "My Petitions" page on the website now has a logout button.
  • Rating a petition should no longer create a false, duplicate entry in the in-game petition list.
  • In-game notifications of received petition replies are now less intrusive.
  • Removed Cancel and OK buttons from the in-game petition view as they are irrelevent.
  • The office bill reminder will now mention that it is charging you in ISK, rather than leaving you to guess if it meant Quafe, slaves, fedos, etc.
  • An issue where game would freeze for some time while warping away from an asteroid belt after survey scanning has been resolved.
  • Hedbergite and Hemorphite now properly list all of their mineral components in their descriptions.
  • The description of the Veldspar ores has been changed to be less ambiguous.
  • Asteroid fields in the Vey system had gone on strike due to working conditions. Replacements have been found and moved into position. The Council for Asteroids Rights Protection has staged a protest.
  • The error message displayed when activating a mining laser on an asteroid that was out of range has been corrected.
  • An issue that occurred while attempting to jettison a can just after stacking items in your cargo hold has been fixed.
  • All anchored containers in solar systems with security levels between 0.8 and 1.0 will be removed from space. Player owned cans will be moved into the character's home station (clone location). Corporation cans will be moved to the HQ. have been moved into their owner's hangar at the last station they visited.
  • You will now appear on killmails if you shoot only the drones of the target ship. Previously, only those firing on the ship itself would appear on the killmail. This will be resolved in a future patch.
  • The autopilot will be disabled if you are podded. Duh!
  • You will no longer receive a 'peaceful civilian' warning when shooting at LCO objects (eg a rock).
  • The spelling in the description of a Large Collidable Object group has been corrected.
  • Chamnace will no longer appear when a reference to the Channace Solar System is made.
  • A typo in the description of "refugee" has been fixed.
  • The ‘Generate Portrait’ option will now work as described.
  • The map will now successfully locate members of your corporation in space.
  • The MOTD will no longer display "Planck bubble" messages. We sure showed Planck who's boss!
  • Asteroids will no longer be extremely far from the center of the belt.

Exploits or exploitable changes

    • CONCORD have been upgrading again. Their weapons and support abilities now have unimaginable range. Apparently they have also heard about these Microwarp Drive things and installed them.
    • CONCORD will now respond to aggressing drones during criminal acts by deactivating a pilot's capability to control them.
  • Corporations
    • The manner in which a member of a corporation can quit has been changed. If a player decides to quit a corporation, during the 24 hour timer it is the player's option whether to accept roles given (thus remaining in the corporation) or deny them.
  • Implants
    • The Rogue DY hardwirings incorrectly gave a bonus to MWD's as well as Afterburners. This has been corrected.
    • The 'Snapshot' ZMF and 'Alchemist' WA series implants now occupy the correct slot in your head.
  • Missions
    • You no longer receive the option to activate acceleration gates until you are out of warp.
    • Hacking containers have been removed from the following sites: Contested Minmatar Army Complex, Contested Caldari Lai Dai Refinery, Port Maphante and Contested Skeleton Comet. Modules
    • The Caldari Navy has ceased offering their FoF missiles to capsuleers.
    • It was possible to fit energy burst rigs in space and then go over the max grid, but this has been fixed.
    • Some types of Arch Angel ammunition would refine for 10x more minerals than they should have. This has been resolved.
  • Outposts
    • Items in space will no longer be invulnerable if they have 0% structure. The most common case is Outposts with 0 structure not taking any damage.
  • Science & Industry
    • Nosferatu Blueprints now have the correct 300 run max blueprint copy.
    • Defender and FOF missile S&I job times have been increased and are now in line with other T1 ammo production times.
    • T2 drones will now require their T1 counterparts as a building requirement.
    • Various items have had their maximum production limit for BPCs capped to 300, instead of the previous production limit of 1000. These include:
      • 200mm Railgun I
      • 350mm Railgun I
      • Analyzer I
      • Ballistic Control System I
      • Bomb Launcher I
      • Code Breaker I
      • Command Processor I
      • Cruise Missile Launcher I
      • Heavy Energy Neutralizer I
      • Heavy Nosferatu I
      • Interdiction Sphere Launcher I
      • Large Energy Transfer Array I
      • Large Remote Hull Repair System I
      • Medium Remote Hull Repair System I
      • Recon Probe Launcher I
      • Remote ECM Burst I
      • Salvager I
      • Scan Probe Launcher I
      • Shield Boost Amplifier I
      • Small Hull Repair System I
      • Target Painter I
      • Triage Module I
      • All Afterburner Modules
      • All Microwarp Drive Modules
      • All Armored Warfare Links
      • All Information Warfare Links
      • All Mining Foreman Links
      • All Siege Warfare Links
      • All Skirmish Warfare Links
    • S&I: The following modules have had their materials altered swapping out low end minerals such as tritanium and pyerite for similar quantity by value of zydrine and megacyte to reduce their mineral compression values:
      • Armor EM Hardner I
      • Armor Explosive Hardner I
      • Armor Thermal Hardner I
      • Armor Kinetic Hardner I
      • Jump Portal Generator I
      • Aurora Ominae
      • Gjallorhorn
      • Oblivion
      • Judgement
      • Strip Miner I
      • Ice Harvester I
      • Small Tractor Beam I
    • Modules: The volume of capital modules have been increased from 1,000m3 to 4,000m3 with the exception of the Jump Portal Generator I which has increased from 1,000m3 to 10,000m3.
  • Starbases
    • Towers with a damaged shield will no longer be bumped up to 50% shield capacity when brought back online.
    • It is no longer possible to online two cyno fields in the same system for the same alliance through clever trickery.
    • Starbase shields have been upgraded to deflect bomb damage.
    • Starbase shield hardeners now only take effect when they have been brought fully online.
    • Smartbombs now damage all structures outside Starbase forcefields.
  • Skills
    • The cost of the 4 Titan skill books has been increased to 5.5bn.
  • Other
    • Gang warp no longer cancels stargate jumps in progress by another gang member.
    • A bug where targeting a ship de-cloaking after jump if player logged off has been fixed.
    • It is no longer possible to target while jump cloaked.
    • Modules that have a volume of over 500 m3 can now only be fitted on ships that require the Capital Ships skill.
    • Loot tables in hidden complexes have been adjusted to match the faction and the difficulty rating of the site.

Trinity Server-Side Changes
The following is a list of changes applied to EVE on the server-side to resolve issues resulting from the deployment of EVE Online: Trinity.

  • Trinity 1.0.0-1, released 5 December 2007
    • NPCs have been ordered to cease their attacks on secure containers in space.
  • Trinity 1.0.0-2, released 5 December 2007
    • Under certain rare circumstances, new characters would be thrown in the trash when entering the game in-station. This has been resolved.
    • Non-English characters in certain circumstances would create petition issues. This has been resolved.
  • Trinity 1.0.0-3, released 7 December 2007
    • A rare case where a jump clone would lose its implants after a jump has been resolved.
  • Trinity 1.0.0-4, released 10 December 2007
    • Numerous fixes were applied to issues with Player Owned Structures.
  • Trinity 1.0.0-5, released 11 December 2007
    • Further fixes to Player Owned Structures.
    • Attempting to place a recruitment advertisement no longer errors.
    • GMs are able to make adjust wallet balances as needed.
  • Trinity 1.0.0-6, released 12 December 2007
    • The API access to data has been optimized.

EVE: Trinity Features, Improvements and Balance Changes

New Player Experience

Context Help
In most windows, a small question mark “?” will be visible in the top right corner. Within, players have access to knowledgebase articles based on the window they are in, or even more detailed depending on the tab, or function they are focused on.

Tip of the day
On the character selection screen, tip of the day has been placed. Filled with general know-how and tidbits that might be common knowledge to some, but breaking news to others. A tip is selected on random from the database and displayed, with options of randomizing again or flipping back and forth.

New Tutorials
With Trinity arrive 3 new tutorials, each focusing on different features. They will look at Exploration, Heat and salvaging. If you haven’t tried out said features, the tutorials will help you get started with those and teach you the basics.

Corporate Registry

With corporate registry, corporations have an easier way to advertise themselves to players in hope of recruiting. Players have an easily accessible database which they can go through to find the corporation of their dreams.
  • Region wide advertisements, with no limit to number of adverts,
  • Unlimited search capabilities from region to region,
  • Increased visibility of all corporations wanting to heighten their corporate profile.

Tech 2 ships

Electronic Attack Ships
The electronic attack ships are essentially frigate equivalents of the combat recons. While they are somewhat lacking in EW capabilities and firepower compared to the combat recons, they should nevertheless not be under estimated. Their frigate class sensors give them first strike capability and enable them to disable enemy ships before they have a chance to lock. With the mobility of frigate hulls they are valuable assets for roaming frigate gangs.

  • Sentinel (Amarr)
  • Kitsune (Caldari)
  • Keres (Gallente)
  • Hyena (Minmatar)

Heavy interdictors
Heavy interdictors are cruiser equivalents of the destroyer based interdictors, which combine area of effect warp disruption with the tanking capabilities of Heavy Assault Ships. Rather than using warp disrupt probes, the heavy interdictors use a module, the Warp Disruption Field Generator, which prevents all ships within its range from warping or jumping (including the heavy interdictor itself). While having the warp disruption field generator on a heavily tanked ship makes it more resilient, it also comes with some drawbacks. When activated the warp disruption field generator prevents remote assistance, increases the signature radius of the ship and reduces the effectiveness of afterburners and microwarpdrives. The agility is however effectively increased: the mass of the ship and the thrust of afterburners and microwarpdrives is significantly decreased (the thrust reduction cancels out the mass reductions in terms of speed boost). This effective increase in agility means that heavy interdictors flying at high speeds will slow down very fast once the warp disruption field generator is activated.

  • Devoter (Amarr)
  • Onyx (Caldari)
  • Phobos (Gallente)
  • Broadsword (Minmatar)

Black Ops
The Black Ops specialize in infiltration and covert operation. Equipped with a jump drive, they can jump short distances past enemy blockades. Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers and Force Recons (not Combat Recons) have been upgraded to support Covert Cynosural Field Generators. These new modules are advanced Cynosural Field Generators that cannot be detected and only Black Ops can lock on to. What makes the Black Ops in particular dangerous is that they can use miniaturized jump portal generators, Covert Jump Portal Generators, to sneak allied forces behind enemy lines. However the covert jump portal technology is rather limited compared to the Titan class jump portals and require support from the ships that jump through to work correctly. Covert jump portal generators can only bridge for ships with Jump Harmonics 2 or above. The covert tech 2 ships: Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers and Force Recons have been upgraded to this end. The resource consumption on the Black Ops jump drives and the Covert Jump Portal Generator is very high, so jump fuel logistics are a concern. Fortunately the Black Ops can also use ordinary jump gates and can thus save jump fuel for when it really matters.

  • Redeemer (Amarr)
  • Widow (Caldari)
  • Sin (Gallente)
  • Panther (Minmatar)

Marauders are heavy battleships focusing primarily on attrition and deployment for longer periods of time. While their number of hardpoints is limited to just 4, they also receive a 100% damage bonus to their primary weapon type. This has a number of advantages: the remaining high slots are available for other tasks, weapon capacitor need and munitions consumption rates are also reduced. Featuring large cargo holds they have plenty of storage for capacitor boosters or spoils of war. The sensors have been optimized for locking up to 10 targets at a time, but with sensor strengths comparable to cruisers the Marauders can be jammed quite easily if they are not hardened with ECCM.

  • Paladin (Amarr)
  • Golem (Caldari)
  • Kronos (Gallente)
  • Vargur (Minmatar)

Jump Freighters
Jump freighters are the latest generation of freighter. They are based upon their tech one counterparts but with significant enhancements. They are faster and more agile, with a larger capacitor. The main change however, is a large portion of the cargo bay has been taken over by a capital class jump drive, the same type used in carriers, dreadnaughts, motherships and titans. This means that whilst the ship has around one third of the cargo capacity, it is capable of jumping between systems without the use of stargates. These ships still retain the ability to use normal stargates, and can be constructed in high security space.

  • Anshar (Gallente)
  • Ark (Amarr)
  • Nomad (Minmatar)
  • Rhea (Caldari)

ARM Scripts

ARM Scripts are non-consumable charges that modify the attributes of the module they are installed in. They are installed/uninstalled just like loading/unloading ammo. The modules that can be scripted are listed below followed by the script names in brackets.
  • Sensor boosters (Targeting Range and Scan Resolution)
  • Remote sensor boosters (uses the same ARM scripts as sensor boosters)
  • Remote sensor dampeners (Targeting Range Dampening and Scan Resolution Dampening)
  • Tracking computers (Optimal Range and Tracking Speed)
  • Tracking links (uses the same ARM scripts as tracking computers)
  • Tracking disruptors (Optimal Range Disruption and Tracking Speed Disruption)
  • Warp Disruption Field Generators (Focused Warp Disruption)
The scriptable modules have also been modified to accommodate the ARM scripts. In order to get the maximum benefit from e.g. a sensor booster one has to choose between boosting either targeting range or scan resolution. This applies to all the scriptable modules in general (except for the Warp Disruption Field Generator): one can get the same effect as before, but one has to choose between the two bonuses.
  • Bonuses to the above scriptable modules now apply to percentage bonuses rather than multipliers
  • Remote sensor dampeners have been reduced in effectiveness
  • Remote sensor boosters and tracking links have had their effectiveness enhanced
  • The tracking link bonuses on the Oneiros and the Scimitar have been increased to 10%
  • Information Warfare Link - Electronic Superiority now has different bonuses to different type of electronic warfare:
    • ECM and target painters: 2%
    • Remote sensor dampeners and tracking disruptors: 1.2%


Drone bandwidth is a new additional constraint on drones which limits the drones that can be deployed. Each ship has an available bandwidth for controlling drones that all deployed drones must share. Every drone has a bandwidth requirement which must be available on the controlling ship when launching the drone. Once launched, the bandwidth required by the drone is reserved for that drone and not available to other drones. Bandwidth is reclaimed once the drone returns to the drone bay or control of the drone is lost. With bandwidth the damage output from drones can be limited while still allowing for spare drones. Drone bandwidth requirements:
  • light drones: 5Mbit/s
  • medium drones: 10Mbit/s
  • heavy drones: 25Mbit/s
Ship bandwidth:
  • Frigates: 0-25Mbit/s
  • Destroyers: 0-25Mbit/s
  • Cruisers: 0-50Mbit/s
  • Battlecruisers: 25-75Mbit/s
  • Battleships: 75-125Mbit/s
Exceptions for drone ships:
  • Ishkur: 25Mbit/s bandwidth, 25m3 + 5m3/level drone bay
  • Vexor: 75Mbit/s bandwidth, 100m3 dronebay
  • Ishtar: 125Mbit/s bandwidth, no change in dronebay
  • Arbitrator, Curse, Pilgrim: 50 Mbit/s bandwidth, 150m3 dronebay
  • Myrmidon: 75Mbit/s bandwidth, 150m3 dronebay
  • Eos: 75Mbit/s bandwidth, 150m3 + 15m3/level dronebay

Missions, Dungeons and NPCs

Missions are a vital part of EVE's Player versus Environment experience. Over 140 missions are a part of the EVE: Trinity expansion, including new Mining/Harvesting, Mega-courier, New Player Experience, and Story Arcs for Empire and Faction agents. Also part of the expansion are 50 more exploration sites, balance changes, improvements to NPCs and their equipment and other features are being added.

User Interface and EVE Voice

As part of the graphics update, the Player Interfaces have been overhauled and we're not done yet. Many elements of the User Interface are now mobile and EVE Voice is now being integrated further into the UI. More information on these updates can be reviewed in this Dev Blog.

Improvements and Balance Changes

Tutorial, NPE and Character Creation

  • Text: a number of typographical errors have been resolved, clarifications made and notes added.
  • Images: a number of images have been added to or changed on different pages.
  • New tutorials: tutorials have been Exploration, Heat and Salvaging.
  • New triggers: easing the new player through the tutorial experience, new triggers such as open window, close window and warnings have been added for the times a player leaves the tutorial.
  • Character Creation: "Detail" audio has been removed from all steps (the audio only plays the intro text, before you select anything) but a replay button has been added.
  • Character Creation: Character naming rules have been clarified, including:
    • Character name already taken by another player,
    • Exceeding the allocated amount of spaces (one),
    • Not meeting the minimum number of letters in the name (four),
    • Exceeding the maximum number of letters in a name (24),
    • Banned names, and
    • Illegal characters
  • Context Help: The pilot can access in-game help about an specific window by just clicking the "?" icon displayed on the windows’ menu bar. This action will open the in-game browser with further information.
  • Tip of the day: In the window "Select or Create Character" EVE displays a tip of the day (you can choose whether to navigate it or display a random tip).
  • All the rookie missions have been revised and should now pose less problems for inexperienced pilots.

Skills, Implants and Boosters

  • The cost of the Jump Portal Generation skill has been decreased to 50m.
  • "Weapon Upgrades" and "Advanced Weapon Upgrades" will now work with bomb launchers.
  • The consumption bonus on Cynosural Field Theory has been changed to a percentage modifier.
  • The role bonus on force recons to cyno field generation consumption from has also been changed from a set bonus to a percentage modifier.
  • New implant sets and modules for Mordu's Legion, Thukker Tribe, Syndicate, SSoE and ORE have been created.


  • Sansha mk 2 has been implemented; Sansha faction ships now focus exclusively on energy turrets exclusively and shield tanking. They receive a fixed 100% damage bonus to make up for the few hardpoints they have (which frees up utility high slots), as well as 7.5% tracking and 5% damage bonuses per level.
  • Carrier ship maintenance bays have been increased by 100%.
  • The Hel's CPU has been increased to 950tf.
  • The Nidhoggur now has a new low slot at the expense of a medium slot.
  • The Eos has been modified as follows: the number of turret slots has been reduced to five, one medium slot has been swapped for a low slot, the drone capacity has been increased to 150m3 and the drone capacity bonus has been reduced to 15m3 per level.
  • The Ares now has a new medium slot at the expense of a high slot. Also, launcher hard points have been reduced to one.
  • The Rook now has an extra low slot at the cost of a high slot.
  • As part of Sansha Mk II, the Nightmare has exchanged the following: 2 high slots, 3 low slots and 4 launcher hard points in exchange for a fixed 100% damage bonus, as well as 7.5% tracking and 5% damage bonuses per level.
  • Like its sister ship above, the Phantasm has traded 1 high slot, 2 low slots and 3 launcher hard points for a fixed 100% damage bonus, as well as 7.5% tracking and 5% damage bonuses per level.
  • The Succubus has exchanged 2 low slots and 2 launcher hard points for a fixed 100% damage bonus, as well as 7.5% tracking and 5% damage bonuses per level.
  • The following changes have been made to the ORE Rorqual:
    • The Ship Maintenance bay has been increased from 800,000m3 to 1,000,000m3.
    • Assembly Lines have increased from two to four.
    • Cargo Capacity has increased from 20,000m3 to 40,000m3.
    • Mining Foreman Gang bonus has been increased from 3% per Capital Industrial Ship skill level to 5% per level.
  • The mass of the Basilisk, Guardian, Oneiros, Probe and Griffin have been reduced.
  • With the exception of the Crow, Raptor and Shuttle, the agility multiplier on all Caldari ships has been reduced. Caldari ships are now more agile.
  • The base speed of all interdictors has been reduced by 25%.
  • The ECM strength bonus for the Falcon has been increased to 20%, the Scorpion, Blackbird and Griffin now have a 15% bonus.
  • A survey probe explosion delay bonus has been given to the Imicus and removed from the Maulus.
  • A new role bonus has been added to all interceptors: an 80% reduction in propulsion jamming systems activation cost has been granted.
  • Ares, Raptor, Malediction and Stiletto interceptors have had their secondary interceptor skill bonus changed from damage/falloff to 5% increase to warp scrambler range per level.
  • The Cap Need MWD bonus effect on the Daredevil, Thorax, Deimos, Vigilant and Vindicator has changed, the effect now adds to the modifier instead of percentage modifying it.
  • The MWD cap need bonus for the Daredevil, VIgilant and VIndicator has been reduced from 10% per level to 5%. Capacitor capacity has increased by 12.5%
  • All Battleship volumes have been reduced to 45% of original value.
  • All Battlecruisers and Command ships have had volume increases of 80%.
  • All T2 cruisers volumes are now matched to their T1 hull class variants.
  • Changed displayname of "turretSpeeBonus" (as used by Gunnery and various implants) from "Turret Speed Bonus" to "rate of fire bonus" to bring it in line with "speedMultiplier" (as used on damage mods).
  • It will no longer be possible to use the cargohold of a ship stored in a ship maintenance array for additional storage. Only charges will be storable.

Modules and Drones

  • Offlined modules now function as "heat sinks" when overloading, reducing the chance of the other modules to take heat damage.
  • Repair costs for modules have been modified as follows: up to 50% of base price if the module is partially damaged and up to 100% of base price if the module is fully damaged.
  • The position of an overloaded module in the rack now affects the chances of the other modules in the rack to take damage from heat. The further away from the overloaded module they, the smaller the chances are for the other modules to become damaged.
  • Need for Speed (drones): The rate of fire for all drones has been doubled to decrease the number of server calls drones are making. Drone damage was doubled to balance the RoF change. Sentry drones and fighters are not affected by any of these changes.
  • The maximum range of Torpedoes has been decreased.
  • The rate of fire of Siege Missile Launchers has been decreased by 25%.
  • Bombs now launch with a forward velocity, similar to survey probes.
  • Tech II remote armor repairers have been balanced and introduced.
  • The meta level of Selynne's Modified Thermic Plating and Raysere's Modified Thermic Plating have been changed to 12.
  • The resistance bonuses on tech 2, faction, Mizuro's modified and Gotan's modified resistance platings have been increased.
  • The capacitor need of ECM modules has been reduced by 40%.
  • The signature radius penalty on some small shield extenders has been changed to 2m like other modules.
  • The CPU need of micro shield extenders has been reduced, meta levels corrected and signature radius penalty changed to 1m.
  • The capacitor capacity penalty on all Capacitor Flux Coils has been reduced by 10%, but the recharge rate bonus has also been decreased to compensate.
  • The capacitor need of neutralizers has been reduced to improve efficiency, energy destabilization amount and range on small neutralizers has increased, fitting requirements of meta level 1 to 4 small neutralizers have been adjusted to be in line with their larger brethren.
  • The activation cost of Gang warfare modules has been reduced from 50 to 25.
  • Meta level 1 to 4 shield boosters now have the same duration as tech 1 shield boosters (meta level 0). Shield boost amount and capacitor need have been adjusted: The efficiency has been increased by +12.5% and the boost rate has been increased up to +12.5% for meta level 0 down to -10% for meta level 4. This ensures that the increase in boost rate and efficiency between tech 1 and tech 2 is in line with the values for armor repairers.
  • The Industrial Core and Capital Tractor Beam modules have been restricted to fit only to Capital Industrial Hulls, the CPU has been lowered to 100 and CPU bonus effect has been removed from the Rorqual.

Science and Industry

  • Advanced capital construction components have been introduced and are required in the manufacture of Tech II capital ships, they require the same advanced materials as normal construction components. Blueprints for them are seeded on the market available from certain NPC corporations.
  • When a blueprint can yield more than one type from invention, you can now select the desired outcome from a drop-down menu in the S&I window.
  • Tech II Remote Armor Repairers can now be invented.
  • The maximum runs of Tech 2 Hybrid, Laser and Projectile blueprints have been increased from 10 to 100.
  • Max production run of Barrage M blueprint has been changed from 10 to 100.
  • The S&I job times of T2 missile blueprints have been reduced to be more inline with equivalent T2 ammo.
  • The bonuses provided by decryptors in invention have been increased by varying amounts to be more effective in invention jobs.
  • Bomb manufacturing will output 2 bombs per batch, thus halving their manufacturing costs.
  • The chance of inventing ship blueprints of smaller Tech II ship classes has been increased leading to a greater chance of success with frigate, destroyer, cruiser and battlecruiser invention.
  • Skill requirements for making copies of the Expanded Cargohold I Blueprint have been removed.
  • Invention times for Mining Laser Upgrade I Blueprint and the Ice Harvester Upgrade I Blueprint have been reduced to be in line with other modules.
  • Changed invention research time on Target Painter I from 120,000 to 9,000 seconds.

Missions, Dungeons & Exploration

  • Various dungeons have been adjusted and optimized as part of the Need for Speed initiative.
  • Scouts report the discovery of six new hidden complexes belonging to the pirate factions. CONCORD has rated two of them as challenging (6/10 on the DED threat assessment scale), while the other four are reported as potentially deadly (9/10 on the DED threat assessment scale)
  • A few pilots have reported a possible connection between Cosmic Anomalies sites and reputed pirate hidden complexes. These path seems very well hidden and only with great luck can one stumble upon it.
  • New Metadrones have been introduced, these include two variants of each existing combat drone (not counting sentry drones), for a total of 24. These are faster, stronger and more diverse versions of their T1 and T2 counterparts.
  • Six new Rogue Drone Components have been introduced and can be looted off Rogue Drone Commanders. These components can be used in remanufacturing regular drones into metadrones with the help of the proper blueprints.
  • Hacking sites have been introduced in the rogue drone regions; the wrecked remains of old research facilities might just hold information on Rogue Drone command structure.
  • Hacking sites now appear more frequently in all security levels of space.
  • More low-sec booster-related exploration sites have been distributed.
  • An uncompleted exploration site will now despawn during the first downtime after 72 hours have passed since it was first visited.
  • Multispectral Frequency probes no longer pick up Cosmic Anomalies when the scan is made in the Cosmic Signature category. Note that scanning for Cosmic Anomalies will return results of the Unknown type.

Loyalty Point Store

  • New factional offers have been added to appropriate LP stores.
  • Module and blueprint offers for all Empire faction LP stores have been modified to bring them in line with new pricing models.
  • Synth Booster BPCs have been added to pirate LP stores.

User Interface and EVE Voice

  • The in-space UI has been overhauled. Various components can be moved around the screen and the fleet UI has undergone a re-design. Fleet UI is now accessible while docked at a station.
  • EVE Voice functionality is now integrated into the fleet UI.
  • More information on these updates can be found in this Dev Blog.

Killmail Enhancements

  • Killmail Delivery Changes
    • Killmails will be delivered to your character sheet > combat log.
    • Final blow participant and victim will receive the killmail as before.
    • Directors in player corps will be able to see all member kills and losses in the corporation interface > Wars section.
    • Kills of starbase structures will be delivered to final blow participant and owning corp combat log.

    Note: Killmails received before trinity in your concord evemails will not be included in the new system.
  • Killmail Enhancements
    • Killmails will no longer truncate the involved parties.
    • Killmails will now include rigs.
    • Killmails will now include dropped as well as destroyed items.
    • Killmails will include damage dealt for each involved party.
    • Killmails will now be properly translated.

Starbases and Outposts

  • It is now possible to control offensive starbase structures in high sec space. However they will only allow you to target players whom you are at war with or who are criminally flagged towards your corporation.


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