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Monday, 14 January 2008
The latest Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag is online. Take a piece!

Q. There is a mob named Behemoth in Darkness Falls. He hits for 2-3k per hit, basically one-shotting 99% of people. As far as I know, the only way to get to him is to be randomly teleported by the Legion mob. I can't seem to find anyone that has killed him. My question is: Is this mob killable? If so, what does he drop? Also, is there another means to get to him besides the random teleport? Thanks!

A. Bearded Wonder: This mob is not killable.  It has no loot.  You have to be sent there. Can’t get a straighter reply than that. I hear Behemoth is rather lonely this time of year, you know, right after the holidays and all. Maybe if you ask Legion really nicely, you can go pay him a visit?

Q. What's the deal with disease and spreadheal? Does disease affect spreadheal the same way as it affects single-target and group heals?

A. From the Balancinator: The deal with disease is that it reduces the effectiveness of healing spells.  The deal with spreadheal is that it heals the most damaged members of the group.  A spreadheal is affected by disease and will be less effective because of it.

Q. I have moved several times and have had computer access but not my computer with the game on it.  My question is, I have all the expansions activated what’s the easiest way to start playing? What do I need to download?

A. The way it’s set up right now, the process is to download the free client, patch and log-in, then proceed to download each expansion separately and patch again. We are aware of what a pain the current process is, and we’re looking for a way to streamline it. Watch the Herald for details, but it most likely will take awhile, since it’s only under investigation at this time.

Q. How is the Darkness Falls Dungeon calculated now that there are towers and keeps?  It seems at times even when Albion has more towers/keeps that Midgard still has access to the dungeon.

A. "Darkness Falls will start as neutral (closed to all three realms) when the server comes up from today’s patch and access will be given to the one realm that holds the most towers. Darkness Falls access will not change in the case of a tie between two or three realms, but only when one single realm owns more towers then the other two. For more information, please check out our NEW FRONTIERS NOTES section of the patch notes below."

From the 1.74 patch notes:

Basically the access is dependent on the number of towers owned by a particular realm.  If you think that this is not functioning properly, feel free to appeal with the information so we can check out the issue. So, if your goal is to open up Darkness Falls, stick to taking keeps. Thanks for clearing that up, Bearded Wonder.

Q. According to last week’s Grab Bag, if an item has  - Requirement: vs Humanoids, Magical, Giants, Dragons" then it is a PvE bonus but I was wondering if other players were considered humanoids or not?

A. Not in this case, says the Bearded Wonder. Bonuses versus other players are usually denoted as the actual race of the realm enemy, for example: Kobold, Elf, Half Ogre, etc. If you find an item that seems as if it’s working one way when it actually says it’s supposed to work another way, we welcome you to send in a bug appeal, making sure that you include the name of the item, and we’ll look into it. Thanks!

Q. The other night we took a Hib relic and there was a question regarding the possibility of carrying the relic through the Labyrinth.  Some said it is not possible and some said it is.  So the question is: Can a Strength or Power relic be carried through the Labyrinth from one realm to another?

A. No, you cannot take the Relics into the Labyrinth.  The energies generated by the mino-relics prevent them from entering.

Q. Is there going to be a new title for those who have reached LGM in all 6 main trades?  That would be a nice thing for us crafters to show the world.

A. That’s something that we agree would be a great thing to add, and is on our list, but as you can understand it’s lower priority than many of the other things we’re currently working on.

Q. Hi, ever since the styles patch for some reason the spell Restore the Soul (ML 8 Perfector ability) does not remove the Constitution loss from an experience death, as it previously did before. I didn't see anything in the notes about this, is this a bug or did it miss the notes?

A. This is a little odd. According to the Balancinator, We have not done anything with the Master Level ability 'Restore the Soul'.  The caster of 'Restore the Soul' can regain constitution lost from the death by using the spell on themselves.  This benefit does not transfer over to another player. So, if it did before, and it isn’t now, it’s currently working the way we designed it to work. 

Is the cold of winter freezing your toes? Our first Road Trip stop of the year is just around the corner on March 1st in toasty Jacksonville, Florida. Come join us for free snacks, prizes and of course to meet with Joanne and a couple of her favorite Devs to answer your questions. Thinking about going?  Please RSVP here !

Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 2nd. We will be hosting an event on Pendragon that will test your knowledge as well as your quickness, and give you a chance at winning some very awesome prizes. Keep an eye here on the Herald for upcoming details about all the fun.

Are you interested in becoming a Team Lead for Dark Age of Camelot? We have a few Team Lead positions that need to be filled. If you think you have what it takes, please check out our Available Team Leads Positions and send in your application today!

Have a safe weekend everyone, see you out in the frontier.
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