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Monday, 28 January 2008
The latest DAOC Grab Bag explains better how Camouflage works, level 50 thrust styles, and more. Check it out!

Q. In Midgard, in the delve for the Astral Plague Bringer, it says that it procs the following:
Magical Ability:
Function: Summon Spirit Elemental
Summons an elemental spirit to attack the target.
Target: Targeted
Range: 500
Duration: 2 Sec
Casting Time: Instant
Damage: Matter

My question is, I have tested this against another character, how come I have not seen an elemental proc? I have however, been getting random debuffs on the bot (ABS, Constitution, Strength, Dexterity, etc) but it is not listed as a delve proc. Is the delve information wrong? Or is the coding for the correct proc on the weapon wrong?

A. The Bearded Wonder looked into this for us, and here’s what he discovered: The debuffs are courtesy of the (invisible) Elemental that is summoned.  You don't actually see the spirit elemental as it exists on a plane outside of ours, but you can see the effect it has on your target.

Q. How exactly does Camouflage work, and does it totally negate the effects of Mastery of Stealth when it is up towards other archers?

A. Yes, Camouflage blocks the detection range bonus from 'Mastery of Stealth'. Assassins and Archers will rely on innate detection range against an Archer using camouflage. The Balancinator has spoken.

Q. I have now killed Chisisi up to 20 times; does she still drop Band of Shadows?

- All Master Level and artifact encounter monsters will now only drop their normal loot again if someone in the group killing them needs credit for the encounter. If no one in the group needs credit, they will drop nothing of significance. This does not include Celestius.
New encounters have been added which will drop random loot taken from the master level and artifact encounters. As well, players can turn in essences that drop from these encounters for a roll on a specific master level or artifact encounter loot table.  Thanks, Bearded Wonder!

Q. I noticed that there is no level 50 thrust style for Paladin/Arms listed on the Style Library. When talking to my trainer the level 50 style is listed as Dragonfang, for Paladin/Arms.
The style exists in the Library for all other thrust wielding classes and lists a prereq. of Evade.
Is my tank class able to get this style, and if so is there a prereq.?
Also, why is the effect a FIVE second stun when a style exists previously in the line and is SIX seconds long with similar/exact prereqs.?

A. According to the Balancinator:  Dragonfang is an off evade style with a 5-second stun effect, currently, on live servers.  I looked at the code and every class that can train thrust should have it available.  I puzzled over it and came up with a partially right answer.  Then, my friend, Lallanthalas pointed out that Armsman and Paladin classes do not receive the skill ‘Evade’.  EUREKA!  <Hits my own forehead> The code automatically prevents styles from showing up on style lists if you cannot perform it.

The duration of the stun on Dragonfang was adjusted downwards a while ago.  You are right - it does not make much sense that a lower level style has a longer stun effect attached to it.  That is one of the things that we addressed in 1.92 where we went over a number of the base styles to alter overly long chains and unbalanced effects.  In order to make it easier for our players to see all of the styles that are currently in testing we have put together a small guide:

Q. A few months ago artifacts were made to not lose any durability no matter how many times it was repaired.  I was wondering if the same would be true with the trainer weapon/free chest armor.

A. The Bearded Wonder says probably not:The items that are set to not lose durability are few and far between and they were made this way to reflect their unique and rare nature.

The trainer items are intended to be items to be used and discarded as newer items are discovered/found/bought/outgrew. They are not intended to be items that are used forever.

Q. The ML10 ability in the Spymaster line "Blanket of Camouflage" states:
Conceal your group in stealth. Moving, casting or chanting will break the effect for non-stealthers.
Here’s my question: When an Assassin casts the spell, is that person's Stealth Level, Detect Hidden and Mastery of Stealth a factor in how good a non-stealther can see and hide from other stealthers?

A. No, the Assassin's bonus from 'Mastery of Stealth' does not transfer over to a non-stealther while in the 'Blanket of Camouflage'. The non-stealthers are quite vulnerable to stealth attacks.


In last week’s Grab Bag, there was a question regarding experience varying between long corridor and labyrinthine dungeons. Unfortunately, I misunderstood the answer when I elaborated on it. It isn’t the dungeon layout that determines the amount of experience received, it’s the type of task that does. The more difficult the task, the more experience you will gain for completing it. It has little to do with the actual layout of the dungeon. I’m sorry for any confusion I may have caused with that answer!

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Caerleon and Devon clustering! That little birdie from last week gave me more information and I’ve been told that the clustering of those clusters will tentatively take place on February 6th. As always, please keep an eye on the Herald. Dates may change.

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That's it for this week, everyone. See ya on the battlefield!
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