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Wednesday, 13 February 2008
Here are the complete patch notes for the latest EverQuest update, featuring stability improvements, items balancing and bug fixes.

  • We've made improvements to increase the stability of the servers.

  • Added the ability to wear the Spiritlight Earring in what do you know... the ear.
  • Fixed the drag icon of the new clarity potions, and changed the drag icon of the spirituality and replenishment potions.
  • Increased the maximum stack size on a small selection of tradeskill component items.
  • Removed the no-trade flag from the LoY vendor sold ribbons.
  • Altered the casting time on all of the Eron's jewelry pieces that have a click effect to 4 seconds from 5 seconds.
  • Changed the icon of The Basics of Jewelcrafting to a book instead of a scroll.
  • Added Required levels to the Enchant Palladium and Enchant Dwerium scrolls.  This does not alter how they work, it just clarifies the abilities.
  • Moved recommended level from the gems to the metals in the new jewelry. With this change, moving the expensive gems to other metals will yield better results if you are below the recommended level.
  • Fixed the spelling of Runed Scroll of Pestilence.
  • Changed the weight of the spell research kit to 4.0.
  • Removed fire focus effects from SoF Shadowknight armor and cold focus effects from SoF Necromancer armor due to their limited utility for those classes.
  • The clockwork key is no longer tradable on the Firiona Vie server.

  • Wearing an item with the Servitor of Scale focus will now work correctly while also wearing an item with the Spire Servant focus.

Quests & Events
  • Made a change to the Bargangle fight that should prevent him from staying hidden inside his bedroom. Called him a coward a few times, that seems to have riled him up.
  • Slightly changed the way Breakneck spawns in Meldrath's Mansion. He spawns off different doors. These doors are less spread out across the zone. Areas where he can't be spawned and that have no bearing on the raids in the zone have been locked off.
  • Charming Tiny Tops now stunts their growth. But they become resistant to charm much younger these days.

  • The casino now gives out the new stackable illusion potions. Additionally the elixir will now stack.
  • The Wyvern trios in Crystallos will now summon when they are low on health.
  • Increased the experience given by the Golems in Crystallos.
  • Slowed down the re-spawn in Gyrospire Zeka 11%, and Gyrospire Beza 22%.

  • The "Gathering the Essence" lines in Crystallos have been changed so you can collect the items before you accept the task and still get credit for them.
  • Altered a few of the tradeskill trophy tasks to use some slightly less annoying steps. Pottery will make Fine Shaped Potion Vial's instead of Bola Weights.  Tailoring will replace Etched Scale Stock Whip with Rough Leather Gorget Template, Concussive Bola with Pristine Leather Tunic Template, and Robe of Haunted Dreams with Fine Silk Robe Template. Tinkering will also replace the Steam-Powered Piston with a Collapsed Gnomish Recharge Kit.

  • Added additional ranks to Elemental Fury (Magician) and Quickening of Death (Necromancer) AA lines.

  • Elevator music now plays in the Mansion elevators. The sound soothes the inhabitants and they should be less likely to attack folks that are just riding up or down.

Previously Updated
  • Realnyna in Crescent reach will now respond to hails.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Last Stand Into Eternity task to fail to trigger properly.
  • It is no longer necessary to be in a raid to get the chest to drop off of the "Breaking Walls" events in Devastation.
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