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Monday, 25 August 2008
The Hotzones are places in Norrath where adventurers can take advantage of an XP bonus, and they are usually swapped in rotation. The latest patch updated again the list. Check it out.

New Hot Zones!


Franklin Teek has arrived in the Plane of Knowledge and will be happy to point you to the current location of a Hot Zone appropriate for your level. Franklin also has a series of tasks that can be done in each of the current Hot Zones. Each task can only be completed one time each day and you can only complete one of Franklin's Tasks. The following zones are now Hot Zones with increased experience and rewards:

    20 Lake of Ill Omen
    25 Feerrott
    30 Frontier Mountains
    35 Tower of Frozen Shadow
    40 Lower Guk
    45 Wakening Lands
    50 Old Sebilis
    55 Blackfeather Roost
    60 Plane of Storms
    65 Sunderock Springs
    70 Riftseeker's Sanctum

Final Living Legacy Rewards!

Living Legacy Augments are now available by right-clicking the Abacus you obtained when doing any of the raids you participated in. If you have lost or deleted your Abacus (or need a replacement for any reason) see Distribution Facilitator XCV in the Plane of Knowledge.

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