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Bug Fixing after Red Moon Rising E-mail
Monday, 26 December 2005
With the new Dev Blog titled: "server hot, hotfixes applied, hotness continues. cool hardware to the rescue", Oveur is talking about the first patches deployed after the big content changes of RMR.
Since the release of Red Moon Rising, we have deployed 11 hotfixes in downtimes addressing 28 various performance and crash issues on Tranquility. In addition to that, a small client patch is being assembled for deployment in the first week of January. Until then we will continue to deploy server hotfixes during downtime since we have still not achieved our goal of better overall performance than our Cold War release had.

The bigger news is that our testing of 64-bit servers and our development of our 64-bit server software infrastructure are now in it's final stages. The performance increases found in this testing has lead to the decision to upgrade the whole cluster to brand new AMD Opteron 64-bit IBM Blade servers. Yes, that's a brand new Tranquility cluster. EVE deserves nothing less. We're sure you all agree :)

Happy Holidays!
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