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Tuesday, 19 August 2008
A few days ago Planetside has received an update with balance changes to the Terran Republic and new incentives to play for the least populated empires.


Planetside 3.15.18 Patch Notes

Terran Republic Max Changes

  • Terran maxes in addition to the lock-down ability, now have a secondary ability called Overdrive that is based on a max capacitor and that allows them to fire more quickly and fire more accurately while active
  • This new Overdrive ability is an "all-or-nothing" activation. Once activated it can not be shut-off. It cannot be activated until the capacitor is fully charged. It will deactivate automatically when the capacitor is expended.
  • The Overdrive ability is mutually exclusive to the lock-down ability and to the max auto-run ability. While Overdrive is active, the max cannot lock-down, nor can it auto-run. If the max is locked down or auto-running, Overdrive cannot be activated.
  • A red shield effect displays around maxes that have Overdrive activated so that friend and foe know it is active.
  • Terran Burster Max clip size is now set at 40.

Population Incentives Changes

  • Battle Experience will be affected by world empire population ratios
  • Battle Experience will be affected by zone empire population ratios
  • Respawn Timers will be affected by zone empire population ratios
  • Acquisition Timers will be affected by zone empire population ratios
  • These are all benefits only, granted to under-populated empires, and no penalties are applied in any case to any empire.


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