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Monday, 25 February 2008
The Planetside Dev Team is currently working on a complete revamp of the existing hacking system. The latest Development Uplink article shows the direction these updates are taking and illustrate what to expect from the coming patch.

Development Uplink – The T-REK

In this Development Uplink we’re squarely focused upon the upcoming hacking update which will be an exciting new addition to PlanetSide’s gameplay.  Last week we shared the basic outline for what you will be able to harness while on the battlefield when using the Elite Hacking abilities now we’ll take a look at the T-REK in the wild….CRIKIES!

After you certify yourself for Elite Hacking, step up to the plate, or in this case the equipment terminal, and snag yourself a fresh new T-REK.

T-REK securely in hand and you’re ready to take on the world! Head to your nearest hotspot and proceed to torment your enemy into submission!

One of the T-REK’s strengths is its ability to help thwart the onslaught of vehicles assaulting your friendlies. Especially those pesky Mosquitoes…

With the Mosquito lined up, take your crack shot at it and if you hit you’ll be rewarded with an electronic blossom of sparks. In this case its hit confirmed!

For an extra bit of satisfaction and utility while using the T-REK, head over to the Main Console of the nearest enemy base and infect it with one of these Viruses! Effects and times vary so check out what they do below!

  • Unlock all base doors – 60 minutes
  • Disable facility benefits – 15 minutes
    • All linked benefits (tech, bio respawn, vehicle repair, etc.) disabled
    • All vanu module benefits disabled
    • Will not affect benefits gained through continent/cavern lock
    • Will not disable benefits at neighboring linked bases
  • Remove Radar – 15 minutes
    • Completely disables radar of friendlies in Sphere Of Influence of the facility
  • Access all base equipment terminals – 2 minutes
    • Same effect as hacking terminals
    • Terminals can still be hacked, but hack has no effect
  • Double NTU drain – 60 minutes
    • Resources drain at twice the normal rate!
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