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Monday, 19 November 2007
Here are the latest Planetside patch notes. There is nothing big and special in there this time, but at least it is another confirm that the game development has not been abandoned.



Planetside Game Update 3.13.7

Bug Fixes

  • Exclamation Points should now render correctly on all video cards.
  • Players should now be able to deconstruct Deployables that overlap the Warpgate image.
  • Fixed LLU bases to behave correctly (stealing a hack resets the base timer).
  • Avatars riding in vehicles will no longer uncloak when they attempt to recall.
  • Wall Turrets should no longer have a problem hitting a deployed flail.
  • planetside.exe will no longer hang when it is launched manually (instead of from the launcher).
  • Players with the “bare head” appearance option checked should now remain hat-less until the option is changed.
  • An issue with the double armor bars for vehicles has been corrected.
  • Vehicle weapons can now switch fire modes immediately after firing with no ammo.
  • The weapons module should no longer charge weapons to a quantity above the maximum clip size.
  • Slider bars in the various settings menus should now stay at the maximum position when dragged there.
  • AMP Station pain fields should no longer hurt you when standing next to the downstairs lockers.  In addition, AMP station pain fields will no longer deal damage through closed doors.
  • The Squad bar should no longer overlap the HUD bar.
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