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Planetside: Next patch before the end of October E-mail
Friday, 12 October 2007
The latest Planetside Development Uplink gives more information about the development status of the next coming patch. This patch will be released before Halloween also because it will include new textures for the event.



Planetside Development Uplink – Another Follow Up.

Following up with the slew of things going on in PlanetSide development land, the update is on track for a late October release (before Halloween, of course).

The additions to the game will likely include the new textures for some of the projectiles and a new sweet lookin’ spawn door. I don’t want to give away what it looks like just yet its best that you see it. I will say that there is a flaming skull on it though.

Black Ops should be finished up just in time and we’re still hoping to get some time set aside for everyone to test it out. In regards to “how do I get to be a Black Ops”, as of right now it looks like we’ll be having sign ups for the time being if you would like to be a member of Black Ops. I believe the plan is to have a more automated system put in place later on down the road (not too far out there though).

The Chain Blade Massacre will also be making a comeback with some improvements to melee damage while the Massacre is turned on, it should make things pretty interesting. Oh yeah, and if you think you’ll be mowing everyone, think again, mowing damage has been reduced.

We did mention that we’d likely be adding the “Battle Island” event in this update however the team decided it would be a better idea to hold off on that a bit to polish it up a bit more since we’re looking at having this run full time. This also brought up an interesting scenario, it gives us some time to poll you, the community, on what you’d like to see as the benefits for locking the Battle Islands, so feel free to discuss that! We’ll take the suggestions under consideration then allow you to vote on which ones to add in a poll at a later date.

Other than that…stay tuned until next time!

Until Next Time,
-Joel "Raijinn" Sasaki.

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