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Thursday, 16 August 2007
The last week the newest Planetside update has brought the game version to 3.12.29 introducing two new flying vehicles and patching some bugs.


PLANETSIDE Game Update 3.12.29


All empires have finished production of the Phantasm and Galaxy Gunship, and are now available to anyone with the corresponding certifications.  Here's a few details about each. 


  • The Phantasm is a flying transport vehicle that can carry a pilot and up to four passengers.
  • The pilot controls a small 12mm chaingun.
  • The pilot has access to a cloaking mechanism that will make the Phantasm virtually invisible.
  • While cloaked, the Phantasm will be undetectable by all radar systems.  However, firing its weapon or moving at high speeds may compromise its stealth.
  • The Phantasm is only available at bases with a link to a Tech Plant (or at your sanctuary).

Galaxy Gunship
  • The Galaxy Gunship is a large craft similar to the Galaxy.
  • It carries a pilot and 5 gunners.
  • The wing guns and tail gun are rotary 35mm chainguns, and the two front GroundPounders fire explosive mortar cartridges (similar to the Marauder).
  • The gunship is only available at Dropship Centers (or at your sanctuary).

There have also been some sightings of soldiers clad in green armor, but they seem to be in hiding as there have been no recent reports of any activity.  The objectives of these men are unclear, but they appear to be hostile towards all empires and should be considered extremely dangerous.  If you see one, shoot to kill.

Bug Fixes
  • Blackouts and flickering lights in the bases should no longer occur
  • An exploit/bug has been fixed where a door would stay open if a player stood directly above or beneath it, even if they were several floors down.
  • A bug that would occur in laggy situations where the first person arms would detach from the camera has been fixed (this was especially true with the Spiker and grenades)
  • A bug that would occur while hotswapping and equipping weapons quickly in third person where the first person arms would not show and the first bullet fired would miss has been fixed.
  • Spawn tube doors, AMP Station CC doors, and big Dropship Center door at the ramp that leads to the Dropship terminal should all open and close more reliably
  • The bug with the equipment terminal not allowing users to acquire weapons, etc. should occur much less often, if at all.
  • The first time event text for the CUD has been updated to reflect when you actually receive the “Reveal Enemies” ability
  • Now when a TR MAX locks down in front of a friendly spawn tube, its physics are disabled for friendly players.  If the avatar or spawn tube is an enemy, the MAX will still block them. (prevents TR Max from griefing near tubes)
  • First time event notifications can now be closed while viewing the overhead map
  • A bug with the ACE that would allow normal Combet Engineers to deploy Advanced CE if they got the ACE from an Advanced Engineer has been fixed (this also occasionally caused server crashes).

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