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Eve Online Patch Notes for Trinity 1.1 E-mail
Thursday, 18 September 2008
Trinity 1.1: Boost Patch Notes, released 12 March 2008

Fixes, Changes and Improvements

Criticals – MUST READ!

  • When undocking, you now undock at maximum velocity in a 0-15 degree angle from the undock point to ease congestion around undock points.
  • The cache and settings folders are now stored separately for every installation. These folders are now within a folder named after the installation path of the client installation they belong to and the server it is using (for example: a default EVE Online installation for Tranquility with the path "C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE" has a folder which is named "c_program_files_ccp_eve_tranquility").
  • As detailed in PrismX's Blog: Drones, Fighters, Shuttles and Rookie Ships in space will be deleted on the first of every month unless within proximity to a Starbase. Anchored containers will have a 30 day timer from the last time they were interacted with and will be deleted when the timer expires unless in proximity to a Starbase.

Character Creation and New Player Experience

  • The ship in the starter dungeon will no longer move away at full speed when you are just starting the tutorial.
  • The in game help browser categories have been sorted and improved.
  • A link to a German knowledgebase article in the English client has been removed.
  • Corporate Registry
    • Layout of submit window has been tweaked to provide more information and is in 6 steps.
    • Two tutorials have been added to explain adding and finding advertisements.
  • Merged Help Window
    • The Help window and Tutorial Window have been merged into one, giving one place to look for help.
    • Ability to search through the KB has returned.
  • Welcome Pages
    • All windows have had a welcome page added; a short text explaining the window.
    • Tutorials and KB articles related to the window are visible there as well.
  • Categorized Tutorials
    • Tutorials are now categorized into 4 categories, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Informative.
  • Main Tutorial
    • The main tutorial has been shortened, removing most of the NEOCOM and station services mentioned.
    • Now players can find all related tutorials and KB articles through welcome pages.
  • There are two new tutorials available, about finding a corporation and placing adverts. Those can be accessed from the Help window > Tutorials > Intermediate tutorials.
  • The first character created on an account will now always start in space.
  • Fixed a typographical error in the "Combat: Know your Equipment" tutorial.
  • Chat tutorial information has been updated.
  • The Help and Tutorials functions have been merged in a tabbed window that contains helpful information, as well as the ability to search through the knowledgebase.


  • Missing skills have been set to work correctly in the API.
  • The skill 'Fast talk' is now named 'Fast Talk' so that it conforms to skill naming convention.
  • The description of the "Social" (skill) has been clarified.
  • The description of the bonuses on the Mining Director and all of the Warfare Specialist skills have been clarified.
  • The description of the Warfare Link Specialist skill including the bonus to Mining Foreman gang mods have been corrected.
  • Typographical errors in the descriptions of the skills Defender Missiles, Rockets and Standard Missiles have been fixed.
  • The Mnemonics skill is not in game and will no longer appear as an entry under Contract item searches.
  • Rebalanced the cost and number of skill points saved by each grade of clone. 6 new clone grades were also added; the highest grade clone capable of saving 450,000,000 skill points.
  • The description of the "Electronic Attack Ships" skill has been corrected.
  • When relinquishing control of Starbase modules, your skills will now correctly be reapplied to your ships’ speed.

Boosters and Implants

  • A typographical error in the description of the implant Limited Memory Augmentation has been fixed.


  • Description of the Sin has been edited to remove a part referring to the Ishkur.
  • The capacitor bonus of the Vigilant is now working as intended.
  • The description of the stealth bombers has been updated to correctly reflect the cloaked velocity bonus they receive from the Covert Ops skill.
  • Ship resistances have been changed as detailed in Zulupark's Blog.
  • Some ships have been changed as detailed in Fendahl's blog and Jump freighters have been improved as detailed in Nozh's Blog.
  • The Apocalypse gains +5tf, +1000mw and +1500 capacitor capacity. The capacitor capacity ship bonus has been replaced by a 7.5% bonus to large energy turret optimal range per Amarr Battleship skill level.
  • The Omen and Zealot now have 5 turret slots (+1 turret).
  • The Moa and Eagle now have 5 turret slots (+1 turret).
  • The Ferox now has 6 turret slots (+1 turret) and 1075mw (+75mw).
  • The Raptor now has 3 turret slots (+1 turret) and loses 4mw.
  • Jump freighters skill now adds 5% agility instead of 5% velocity per level.
  • Jump freighter bonus to hull hit points has been extended to also add the same bonus to armor and shield.
  • Jump freighter base cargo capacity has been increased by 25%.
  • Error in which a ship would be left in space even after it was destroyed has been corrected.


  • "'Protest' Large Armor Repairer" can now be seen in contracts and will now auto link in the chat window.
  • Adjusted the meta level of Co-Processors to better reflect the CPU bonus given.
  • "Capacitor Flux Coil II" is now listed as Meta Group "Tech II".
  • Three "Guristas" items have had their names fixed, they are no longer named "Gurista".
  • The Warp disruption field generator no longer remains active while the heavy interdictor is cloaked.
  • Shield Hardener descriptions now acknowledge there is a stacking penalty.
  • The description of tracking enhancers has been fixed: the reference to scripts has been removed.
  • The "Deep Core Miner II" model is now correctly displayed on the ship model.
  • The description of the "Covert Jump Portal Generator I" have been fixed. It is now correctly stating "designed to allow a black ops vessel" instead of "designed to allow a capital vessel".
  • The mass of "Syndicate 100mm Reinforced Steel Plates" has been reduced from 225,000 kg to 22,500 kg.
  • Tracking disruptor modules and drones now affect falloff in addition to optimal range.
  • You will now get a warning when trying to repair a module if you have insufficient funds to do so.
  • It is now possible to invent the module "Medium Energy Transfer Array II".
  • Locking behavior when using the Survey Scanner has been fixed.
  • The Tech II small and the medium hull repairer are now listed on the variations tab of the respective T1 hull repairer.
  • Modules will no longer turn green while being deactivated.
  • Faction, officer and deadspace shield amplifiers have been rebalanced.


  • Warp Core Optimizer rigs: warp capacitor need reduction increased to -40% for tech 1 and -50% for tech 2
  • Energy and Hybrid Discharge Elutriation rigs: capacitor need reduction increased to -20% for tech 1 and -25% for tech 2
  • Ionic Field Projector rigs: max targeting range increased to +25% for tech 1 and +30% for tech 2

Weapons and Ammunition

  • Undamaged mining crystals will now automatically stack when unloaded from mining lasers.
  • Smartbombs will now damage Starbase structures outside of the shield.
  • Grammatical errors have been fixed in the descriptions of multiple torpedoes, missiles, and rockets.
  • When changing charges, if there is insufficient cargo space for the unloaded charges, the charges will remain in the turret and will not disappear.
  • Torpedoes were exploding if they could not hit their target, they should now only explode if they actually hit a target.
  • T2 assault missiles now have the same hit points as their T1 counterparts.
  • Typographical error in Sisters Observatory probe description has been fixed.


  • The drone overview will now close correctly if drones are removed from the drone bay at a Starbase or Carrier.
  • A pilot attempting to scoop drones in their control with a full drone bay will now be presented with an error message.
  • Drones will now have 100% shields when undocking from a station.
  • Attacking an innocent target using the engage target shortcut for drones will cause the "do you want to proceed with this dangerous act" warning to pop up if it has not already been disabled by the player.
  • Fixed a typographical error in error message "you don't control this drone".
  • Drones have been issued a memory upgrade, and will no longer forget what their 'engage' target was after 60 seconds.
  • Drones will no longer sometimes shoot the ship that they were sent to guard.
  • The damage values for the ‘Integrated’ and ‘Augmented’ Hornet and Hobgoblin drones were changed to be more in-line with other Gallente drones.
  • If a drone is destroyed whilst in the process of being delegated, it will no longer throw an exception
  • Drones will now correctly aggress sentry guns located in missions.
  • Mining drones have gained some more shield, armor and hull hitpoints.


  • Dungeon NPCs are now able to react based on your standing towards them.
  • Bounty Hunter ‘Ikarus’ hadn’t gotten the memo saying that he was supposed to use a cruiser instead of a frigate. This has been fixed.
  • “Outpost Defender Fighter” was masquerading as a civilian, causing pop-up’s for pilots attempting to shoot it. The CONCORD database has been updated to reflect its hostile status.
  • Fixed typographical error in description of "Mercenary Wingman"
  • A typographical error has been fixed in the description of the Blood Raider faction.
  • Adjusted the power and number of the NPCs in the mission “New Frontiers – the Unveiling (4 of 7)” to make it more on par with other level 3 missions.
  • NPC's in the level one mission Furrier Fiasco Environmental Terrorists should now be Serpentis.
  • Fixed description on Habitation Residential LCO Structure.

Agents and Missions

  • Grammatical errors have been fixed in the ‘Mul-Zatah’ complex.
  • Bounties have been removed from structures owned by the four Empires.
  • Grammatical errors in the description of the mission ‘Pirate Intrusion’ have been corrected.
  • Changes were made to loot tables for certain hacking containers.
  • Some Sansha mission structures have been renamed.
  • Attack of the Drones lvl4 mission dungeon will no longer trap people in the scenery upon warp in.
  • Fixed an entity in “Rogue Drone Harassment” that could cause the mission to become stuck.
  • Sansha´s Nation - "The Blockade" mission no longer refers to DED as pirates.
  • Amarr cosmos agents now offer 2-run Apocalypse Navy Issue Blueprint copies (as opposed to 1 run previously).
  • The message agents give when accepting the mission Pot and Kettle - Seek And Destroy (4 of 5) will now be correct.
  • The mission Soft Drink Wars should no longer cause standing loss towards the faction the mission is being run for.
  • The mission items Chartreuse Cytoserocin and Gamboge Cytoserocin have been published to enable mission triggers to work properly in some missions.
  • The “Like drones to a cloud“ mission has been fixed, it now no longer registers as completed too early.
  • The mission "An ancient roster" was missing a description on how to finish the mission, this has now been fixed.
  • The necessary Communications Log to the mission In the Shadow of War 4 of 5 has been added; it is now able to be completed.
  • "Corporate Records" acceleration gates now accept tech2 frigates and interdictors.
  • The mission details for the mission "Get the Relic" will now include the mission objective text.
  • Fixed a minor typographical error in the mission description for "Lost Records"
  • The mission Ice Installation took roughly 10 minutes to become completed after the last objective was finished, it should now complete immediately after the last objective is finished.
  • Several missions have been fixed to spawn correctly.
  • The Pot and Kettle (1 of 5) mission will now correctly update its objectives as they are completed.
  • Corrected an error in the mission description of "For the Troops - Food for Fun (1 of 3)".
  • In the mission For the Honor of Rouvenor replaced the Minmatar Thief text with Caldari Terrorist as it should be.
  • Fixed the restriction for the mission ´Regional Stability - Restoring Peace (4 of 4)´ it’s now possible to enter the encounter with an assault frigate.
  • Agent conversations will no longer become blank when merged with mission details window.
  • Flame of Peace - Chosen (4 of 4) acceleration gate will now accept assault frigates.
  • Fixed an error in mission text of "For the Birds".
  • During the mission “For Justice” the message in local is now sent from an “Amarrian spy,” instead a “Minmatar Terrorist.”
  • Fixed a problem in the mission “Lost Records”; the Federal Court Records will now be removed by the agent when the mission is completed.
  • The agent that gives the first mission of the "In the Shadow of War" sequence has revised their briefing to eliminate confusion.
  • An issue which caused mission briefings to be listed twice in some cases has been fixed.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the briefing of the mission “Amarrian Tyrants”.
  • The "Attacking a lawful citizen" message should no longer pop up in level 5 missions.
  • The gate in "Unknown Complex" has been fixed to not need the key item from every single member of the gang.
  • The Angel Watch dungeon has been renamed to Angel Haven.
  • Gave the rogue drones in the mission Drone Detritus the AI Core they were supposed to have.
  • Fixed Pirate Invasion lvl4, the NPCs don’t leave the grid anymore.
  • A typographical error in a broadcast message in the mission The Heir's Favorite Slave has been corrected.
  • Typographical error has been corrected in the description of Nugoeihuvi Station Schematics.

Exploration and Deadspace

  • Some COSMOS missions had a beacon that showed up in the overview, this has now been corrected.
  • When scanning for exploration sites with the map open, the labels will now be correctly displayed when warping to the site’s location.
  • Some Serpentis deep space hacking sites had containers that where empty most of the time, that has now been fixed.
  • The signature of some Serpentis Hideaway encounters has been corrected to be a Cosmic Anomaly.

Manufacturing and Blueprints

  • Blueprint grouping has been changed and now appears properly in the UI.
  • The module 'Saddle' Small Capacitor Booster I Blueprint has been altered to be in line with other storyline modules of its type and is now available to the contract system.
  • The max run attribute on backup array modules as well as the expanded cargo hold blueprint have been changed to 300.
  • Some data miner blueprints were in the wrong market group, now they are in the right group.
  • The Copy/Material Efficiency/Production Efficiency time on Miner II BPO has been reduced to be in line with other T2 BPOs
  • Manufacturing statistics of the Remote ECM Burst I BPO have been changed to reflect those of similar capital class BPO’s.
  • Bonuses given by the low-grade Ore implant set have been corrected.
  • The Rorqual Blueprint ME and Copy research times have been halved.
  • The Medium Energy Transfer Array I Blueprint has had its production limit reduced from 1000 to 300.
  • Jump Freighter invention now has the chance of returning blueprints with higher numbers of runs.
  • The ship blueprints for the Probe, tormentor and hoarder have had their invention materials attributes removed since they could not have ever been invented.
  • The skill requirements for the Caldari Navy Cruise Missile Launcher Blueprint, has been corrected to be Mechanical Engineering 1 instead of Cruise Missiles 1.
  • Adjusted the materials needed to manufacture tech 2 drones to be consistent with their tech 1 variants.

Science and Industry

  • Multiple players mining the same asteroid will now all receive notification when the asteroid is depleted.
  • Fixed a typographical error in the job installation “Accept Quote” window.
  • An exception that popped up when reprocessing items has been fixed.
  • Fixed the tractor beams to help them bring cans a little closer.
  • Fixed incorrect message in local when harvesting a Lime Cytocerocin gas cloud.
  • You can now split stacks of Nanite repair paste. Previously, if the stack was partially used for a repair you would not be able to split them.
  • The description of "Flawed Jaspet" has been corrected to indicate that it refines to less minerals than regular Jaspet.
  • Nanite Repair Paste should no longer disappear if put in a ships corporate hangar.
  • A client exception that occurred when changing assembly lines while installing a manufacturing job has been corrected.

Market and Contracts

  • Alt Tabbing will no longer cause issues with aspects of the contracts window.
  • You no longer are able to select your active ship when creating a contract.
  • You can now save settings in the advanced buy/sell menus. A buy/sell transaction needs to be performed before the settings are retained.
  • You can drag items from one folder to another in the Quickbar.
  • There are now additional settings and filters that can be used both in the Browse and the Details tab of the Market window. You can filter by skills (only items that you have the skills to use), by CPU and powergrid (only items that can be fitted on the current ship, not taking into account already fitted modules), by solar system security, buy/sell order deviation and so on.
  • The Contracts that require attention link will now open the contracts tab.
  • All new faction implants are now listed on the market.
  • Contracts requiring your attention will now be more robust.
  • An issue where the warning box for finishing the creation of a contract would default to 'no' when suppressed has been fixed.
  • Contracts will now pick up the particular character you're using, and not other characters on the same account, when searching for 'My Contracts'.
  • The message that is displayed in the market when a search for an item fails is now more descriptive.
  • The shift-selection when selecting items for contracts now works properly.
  • It is no longer possible to set a courier contract to unreachable solar systems.
  • The "view" filter options now appear in the contracts window properly.
  • Storyline Ballistic Controls can now be seen in the contract system.
  • Faction F.O.F. missiles can now be traded in contracts like other types of faction ammo.
  • The Contracts Start Page text links are now working properly.

Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations

  • A structure will no longer switch into a uncontrollable state if the control tower goes offline while the structure is being brought online.
  • The Starbase interface will now check correctly if there is already a corporation hangar window open and will not open multiple tabs for the same window any more.
  • A pod leaving a ship will no longer cause the failure of a ship maintenance array to store the ship.
  • The non-functioning option "Attack if standing is dropping" in the control tower manage window has been removed.
  • Strontium fuel bar in the manage windows of control towers will now correspond to the percentage of the strontium bay's cargo usage.
  • Outpost name changes now show up in the right click menu after the name change instead of after the next down time.
  • Grammatical errors have been fixed in all Minmatar control towers.
  • It is now possible to move ships from ship assembly arrays to ship maintenance arrays and back, if both structures are in range.
  • Fixed an issue where Mobile Labs could not be accessed after the tower went offline.
  • The docking range on one of the Gallente stations has been corrected.
  • POS batteries will no longer engage targets that move within the force field.
  • You can no longer launch Warp Disrupt Probes or use Heavy Interdictor Warp Disruptor Field Generators while inside a POS force field.
  • An issue where the Control tower would shoot back even if no aggression boxes were ticked, has been fixed.
  • Renaming a Reactor Array should no longer break all linked structures.
  • Shields and armor on Mobile Laboratories have been boosted, so they are in line with other industrial structures.
  • A typographical error in the Mobile Lab and Advanced Mobile Lab attributes list has been fixed.
  • A client side exception that popped up when Control Tower sentry guns shot at characters has been fixed.
  • A warning about not having the star base equipment configure role upon adding items to a container in space will no longer appear if you have the star base equipment configure role.
  • A bug that prevented opening the outpost management window has been fixed.

Graphics General

  • An issue with the graphical rendering of planet edges has been fixed.
  • Smartbomb graphics effect will now be as large as the range attribute on the smartbomb being used.
  • A locator pairing issue that caused the strip miner effects on Hulks to be displayed incorrectly in the Classic client has been resolved.
  • Engine flame effects are now always displayed when the ship is in warp.
  • The graphics for the Covert Jump Portal Generator and Covert Jump Drive were not very covert looking, now they are.
  • Towers that run out of fuel while being brought online no longer display the force field bubble.
  • You may no longer select a resolution lower than 1024 x 768 px.
  • An issue has been corrected with the warp tunnel effect when using the system map.
  • Warp tunnel will no longer appear before the ship has actually entered warp.
  • Fixed a case where panning the camera when right-clicking would result in the cursor becoming stuck.
  • Fixed a gas silo model that was appearing in some missions without its texture.
  • A graphical issue with zooming in and out while centering the camera on small asteroids has been fixed.
  • A mystery star that appeared in all solar systems, brighter than all others has disappeared.

Classic Graphics Content

  • An error in the Classic Graphics Content caused the Damnation to display only one fitted turret while docked. This has been resolved.
  • It is no longer possible to upgrade an out of date Classic Graphics Content with the Premium Graphics Content.
  • Ship models are now shown correctly when the ‘station environment’ is disabled in the Classic Graphics Content.
  • Some of the larger ships that can dock (eg the Naglfar) will no longer appear to be passing through station geometry.
  • The lights in the Amarr station have been turned up, making the ships look much brighter.

Premium Graphics Content

  • The graphic for Ice Harvesters and Strip Miners is now showing the correct effect.
  • In the Premium Graphics Content, mining lasers now fire throughout the activation cycle instead of just at activation.
  • You will no longer get "speed lines" when looking at an object that is not moving.
  • Running Premium Graphics Content on certain video cards will no longer cause graphical artifacts.
  • The harbinger no longer has lights floating in space around it
  • Amarr docking bay has had its textures improved
  • Effects on/off setting button is now working as intended.
  • The additional thrusters of the Ishtar have now engine tails in the Premium Graphics Content.
  • Players are now able to see the background on the character selection screen when bloom is enabled.
  • All the engines on the Impel will now produce exhaust flames.
  • Some of the struts on the Cerberus were transparent. This has been corrected. Spiky Cerberus is now.
  • The Keres was having some issues with its shadow map. This has been corrected.
  • The Hound has had its broken textures corrected.
  • The glow maps on some ships were not bright enough and have been slightly increased. Affected ships: Charon, Chimera, Harbinger, Hel, Hoarder, Impel, Leviathan, Naglfar, Ragnarok, Rhea, Wyvern
  • The glow maps on some ships were too bright and have been reduced somewhat. Affected ships: Anathema, Buzzard, Griffin, Hawk, Kestrel, Malediction, Sentinel
  • Fixed the Bustard icon, it wasn’t showing the whole ship.
  • Premium: The graphic animation for the Aurora Ominae has been fixed.
  • Broken light bulbs on the Megathron have been replaced. All blinking lights now report as working correctly.
  • Extra thruster trails on the Merlin have been removed.
  • The white patches on the Mammoth model have been fixed.
  • Concord Starbase stations now have a station interior.
  • The camera drones have had their schematics updated for the Merlin and they will now correctly show the positioning of guide lights on the ships chassis.
  • Fixed graphical glitch in Trinity Premium where the firing animation of drones would appear from the controlling ship.
  • A graphic issue that caused the background to flicker while running two premium clients simultaneously has been fixed.
  • Amarr technicians have fixed the paint job on the Heretic.
  • A fix was made to the premium client in an attempt to reduce flickering in missions with large concentrations of NPC's
  • The Eris is no longer missing its search light texture.
  • The Advanced Camera option is now working correctly with Premium Graphics Content.
  • Gallente stargates now display the jump animation in the Premium Graphics Content.
  • The Purifier will now be displayed in the station hangar view when activated.
  • The Abaddon’s engines should now be all present and correct.
  • The Vigilant's texture has been changed to make it more distinctive from the Thorax.
  • A graphics issue with the Premium Graphics Content with missile launchers texture on the Eris model has been fixed.
  • The Arazu was missing some of its blinking lights. The bulbs have been replaced and everything is blinking correctly now.
  • The Purifier was missing 2 engines. The thief has been located and the missing engines returned.
  • The color of the Paladin has been tweaked to be closer in color with the other Carthum Ships.

User Interface

  • Self Invite Fleets
    • It is now possible to allow people to invite themselves to your fleet. The fleet boss can put the fleet into self-invite mode for his corporation or alliance. Anyone in the fleet will then be able to right click on his entry in a chat window to post the invitation into that channel. This feature is very convenient to quickly set up fleets.
  • Overview Tabs and Bracket Filters
    • It is now possible to apply the same settings that are available to overview to inflight brackets (brackets are the icons that appear over items in space).
    • It is now possible to assign overview and bracket settings to tabs in the overview window which allow fast switching between different overview and brackets setting profiles.
    • A new tab can be generated by right clicking a existing tab and selecting the Add Tab option or by using the Overview Tabs option in the Overview Settings. To create a bracket filter you create a Overview Settings profile with the icons you want to see in space and assign it to an Overview Tab as a Bracket Filter.
    • In order to quickly show all brackets you can use the default key combination alt-z which toggles all brackets on and off. The alt key no longer shows all brackets.
  • Electronic Warfare Effects shown in Overview
    • You can now see all hostile Electronic Warfare Effects from other players or NPCs against your ship in the Overview (if the enemy ship appears on your overview).
    • You can turn off showing these indicators in the Overview Settings, each Electronic Warfare Effect can be toggled.
  • Overview: Lag caused by opening cans has been reduced.
  • The solar system map will no longer flash up when jumping between systems.
  • Selecting multiple items in the scanner window will no longer give an error.
  • The orbit station option in the esc menu has been fixed.
  • The directional scanner angle slider is no longer set to 5 degrees when opening the directional scanner window.
  • The Log window will now keep working even after filling up the 100/1000/10000 row limit set by players.
  • The Solar System info will no longer be stuck in the top left corner after coming out of Solar System map view.
  • Some EVE Voice errors were not being displayed in the UI, making troubleshooting difficult. This has been fixed.
  • Premium Graphics Content: A defect where some exceptions were thrown at login screen has been fixed.
  • Classic Graphics Content: An error prevented the player from right clicking on their ship in the station. This has been resolved.
  • Premium Graphics Content: The star map will no longer be grayed out when the “no region names” options has selected. This was an issue with HDR and has been resolved.
  • The Star map buttons do not overlap the overview anymore in cases where the overview is aligned to the top right.
  • Resolved an issue where it was not always possible to right click a ship in station to access the ship menu.
  • All buttons accessible from the NeoCom (with the exception of Logs, Calculator, Notes and Help) will now display a welcome page listing knowledgebase articles, tutorials and other helpful information related to the feature. Welcome pages can be set to not show again individually by ticking the “Do not show again” option, or globally from the ESC menu. Welcome pages are also available when opening station services. Welcome pages can be opened at any time by pressing the “?” symbol in the upper right corner of the window.
  • You will now be shown who is warp scrambling or jamming you in the overview.
  • A spelling error in the fittings window has been fixed.
  • You can now drag and drop from the Assets window.
  • The Selected Item Overview will no longer display interactive buttons and the 'No Item Selected' text at the same time.
  • There is no longer an error when copying a bookmark from your hangar to the People and Places window.
  • Using search type "alliance short" in people and places will now work correctly for alliances with longer ticker names.
  • Merging ships and items windows will no longer result in those windows being blank.
  • In People and Places, corporation member details, ”member last online” should now update correctly.
  • Windows that where closed while collapsed will now be expanded next time they are opened.
  • The "Would you like to restart the client" box, will no longer show up every time you close the ESC menu after choosing ‘No’ to that question.
  • A case where it was not possible to open the Neocom when it was set to auto hide has been resolved.
  • The pause button in the jukebox no longer acts as a stop button.
  • Classic Graphics Content: Buttons now highlight when you move the mouse over them in the settings window.
  • The correct tabs are now to be shown in “show info” windows on characters and corporations after having browsed between the two.
  • A typographical error has been fixed in the Target Origin right click menu.
  • The Items and Ships windows will now remember their sizes and open/closed states properly.
  • An issue where merged Neocom windows would not restore from minimize has been fixed.
  • The EVE-Voice mute option has been fixed.
  • Previously, if players had EVE-voice disabled and tried to join the fleet channel, the error message directed them to the Eve-Online website. Now it directs players to the settings options in the ESC menu.
  • Windows will no longer shift size and placement when an adjacent window is snapped to the bottom of the screen.
  • You will no longer be able to see EVE Voice settings if you are not logged in nor have EVE Voice disabled.
  • A defect where the microphone icon moves to wing from squad in fleet dropdown when fleet channel is muted has been fixed.
  • An issue with using a shortcut to close the cargo bay also closing all windows stacked with the cargo bay window has been resolved.
  • An issue with resizing character info display in the bounty office causing the bounty window to freeze up has been resolved.

EVE Mail and Chat

  • Unblocking a character no longer adds that character to your buddy list.
  • The typographical error in the podkill notification where the clone was assigned to a station with disabled medical services has been fixed.
  • The wording in the ‘Failure to purchase’ notice has been improved.
  • When a station is auto-linked in chat, it will now have the appropriate picture in the info window. It previously showed only Amarr stations in the info window.
  • A client exception that popped up when closing an EVE mail message is now fixed.
  • Chat channels will now remain in the same position when changing systems or logging out.
  • A rare issue where deleting chat channels would fail silently has been fixed.
  • The chat channel scroll list will no longer suddenly extend beyond the amount of people in the chat channel.
  • Corporate applications now show the message from the applicant.

Kill Mail

  • Attackers shooting the victim’s drones should now appear on the kill mail.
  • Kill mails will no longer list the ship owning fighters if the fighters have been assigned to another ship. The ship with fighters assigned to it will be displayed in the kill mail instead.


  • People using SuSe can now use the Widescreen option under the graphics menu.
  • Small graphical issue with the fitting screen for the Mac and Linux client has been corrected.
  • Some crash issues in Mac and Linux clients have been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where loading multiple portraits simultaneously can crash the client
  • The new icon backgrounds now render correctly.
  • In game Portraits in Mac and Linux clients should now render correctly.
  • For further graphical changes please check Graphics General and Classic Graphics Content.


  • A spelling error was corrected in German in the space tutorial.
  • Mission details will now all be in German in an EVE client set to use the German language.
  • Having nothing selected in the overview while running the client in German did not display the message saying you have nothing selected, that has now been fixed.

Corporation and Alliance

  • Corporation advertisements now display the Corporation logo.
  • Some Alliance logos have been fixed
  • Error has been corrected that would have kept a newly created Corporation advertisement from being viewable until after a restart.
  • New Alliance logos were added.
  • The cost of Corporation recruitment adverts is now displayed on the confirmation page of advert creation.
  • Corporation members with a grantable role can now correctly see the ‘Find By Role’ and ‘Role management’ tabs in the Corporation window.
  • A grammatical error has been fixed in the Declare War confirmation window.
  • An exception that sometimes occurred when accepting a new member into a Corporation has been fixed.


  • Optional Upgrade System
    • Light-weight optional upgrades can now be applied to your client periodically should the need arise.
    • You will have the option to install these upgrades if you feel they are beneficial and they will never be installed without your permission.
  • You can show your Character Name in the EVE Online window header. You can enable this though the General Settings in the ESC Menu.
  • The EVE client now communicates to the Xfire chat client how many EVE players are online.
  • EVE Voice prioritization
    • When using EVE Voice in fleets you can now turn on voice prioritization, which will lower all sound coming from fleet channels beneath the channel with higher priority.
    • The channel with the highest priority is the Fleet Channel and the channel with the lowest priority is the Squad Channel.
  • Battle music will now correctly play when using dungeon acceleration gates that are configured to start battle music.
  • Attempting to ctrl+c copy without anything highlighted will no longer copy a null value.
  • A player will no longer receive an error if he is in the same system as an outpost that has been renamed.
  • The description of Glazed Hedbergite has been improved.
  • To bring equality to the world, if your character is female then you will now have a female corpse when podkilled.
  • We've made some changes to the locations that are allowed for installing the client using the packaged installer.
  • The directory the client hotfix patch is stored in now displays the full path of the client combined with the server it is connecting to.
  • When an expired user tries to connect to Tranquility, the popup stating that the account is disabled will now state the reason being expired instead of stating no reason at all.
  • A client hang on startup issue has been resolved.
  • The Media Center in Windows Vista is now restored if it is used to launch a corrupt EVE client.
  • A spelling error has been corrected in "Access Denied" pop up messages.
  • Rare client crashes, when fonts were not setting up correctly have been resolved.
  • Non-English characters in the folder path may cause a patch to fail. The solution to this is addressed in the following knowledgebase article:
  • An issue where the sound of the engine wasn't played, has been fixed.
  • The sound of your ship turning should now play properly in the Trinity client.
  • The boot.ini file in the client root directory has been renamed to start.ini.
  • The issue in which the mouse cursor becomes invisible after minimizing and then restoring the EVE client has been resolved.
  • Auto Completion
    • Most text fields now have a cached auto complete feature. It remembers your searches for those text fields and gives you matching previous inputs.
  • The LP store now automatically reloads when the filters are changed.

Exploit Fixes

  • An exploit where players could cause players to become flagged as a thief without a warning has been fixed.
  • An item duplication exploit has been fixed.
  • Jumping a ship to the inside of a Control Tower force field will now cause the ship to be pushed outside the force field.
  • Its not anymore possible to specify 0-runs for a Blueprint copy job and to run a invention job with a 0-run Blueprint copy.
  • Pilots can no longer have multiple overlapping scan probes scanning simultaneously.
  • It is no longer possible to open the corporate hangar of non-corporation member’s ship unless the two players are in the same fleet.
  • A server side exception caused by using EWAR modules on NPC's has been resolved.
  • Fixed a server side error that could occur when loading Strontium into the Strontium bay of a tower.
  • A server side exception caused by Cynosural Generator Arrays has been corrected.

Fixes posted after patch deployment

  • The data core requirements for Mobile Warp Disruptor invention have been corrected.
  • A number of modules had their correct volume restored:
    • Large EMP Smartbomb I: 150m3 -> 50m3
    • Large Plasma Smartbomb I: 150m3 -> 50m3
    • Large Proton Smartbomb I: 150m3 -> 50m3
    • Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I: 100m3 -> 25m3
    • 250mm Railgun I: 50m3 -> 25m3
    • Small Hull Repairer I: 100m3 -> 12.5m3
    • Heavy Neutron Blaster I: 100m3 -> 25m3
    • 800mm Steel Plates I: 100m3 -> 50m3
    • 10mn Afterburner I: 100m3 -> 25m3
    • Heavy Beam Laser I: 100m3 -> 25m3
    • Heavy Pulse Laser I: 100m3 -> 25m3
  • The material gained from recycling Glossy Compound has been changed.
  • Compressed Blue Ice volume has been corrected to 100 m3 instead of 1000.
  • The price of the siege and triage module blueprints have been increased to their correct amounts.
  • The price of the efficient equipment assembly array has been decreased.

Trinity 1.1.0-1 Server-side changes deployed 12 March 2008

  • Open fleets for alliance will no more let anyone in any alliance join.

Trinity 1.1.0-2 Server-side changes deployed 13 March 2008

  • Database updates for an upcoming marketing campaign.

Trinity 1.1.0-3 Server-side changes deployed 14 March 2008

  • Fixing a number of new player tutorial missions.

Trinity 1.1.0-4 Server-side changes deployed 17 March 2008

  • Fixing random node deaths occurring after the Trinity 1.1 deployment. It turns out that the drones were attempting to achieve sentience.

Trinity 1.1.0-5 Server-side changes deployed 18 March 2008

  • Several server side updates and internal fixes.
  • Enhancements to the database update system.

Trinity 1.1.0-6 Server-side changes deployed 19 March 2008

  • Fixed an inconsistency in the Expanded Cargohold II Blueprint.

Trinity 1.1.0-7 Server-side changes deployed 2 April 2008

  • Fixed refinery arrays now correctly output materials regardless of player location.
  • IA has investigated the CONCORD officers in Ourapheh and arrested those taking bribes. CONCORD now correctly responds to acts of aggression in the Ourapheh system.

Trinity 1.1.0-8 Server-side changes deployed 10 April 2008

  • Various fixes to web sites and forums.
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