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Friday, 18 November 2005
There is a new post by Zatozia on Planetside official forum, with the roadmap of what is planned for the next content patch.
Read more for details.

Here is some information about some of the things that are currently being worked on in development:

For Version 3.9.9:  We hope to have this pushed this week (possibly 11/18/05)

Added sorting to the Training Mission list so that startable missions sort to the top.  

The “reveal friendlies” and “reveal enemies” uplink functions now display vehicle icons.

AMS Changes:
-          Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck inside deployed AMSes when parked next to walls or trees.
-          Fixed a bug that would occasionally keep deployed AMSes from being undeployed.

Max Changes:
-          Fixed a bug that allowed TR MAXes to pass through walls by combining autorun and anchoring.
-          Fixed a bug where MAX armors could get stuck with full autorun speed by hitting Esc at the broadcast warpgate selection screen.
-          Fixed a bug that caused MAX purchase timers to be started when MAX armor was purchased as part of a favorite in the virtual training zones.
Miscellaneous Changes:
-          Fixed a bug with the Mission Status window where some times the text would not fade all of the way in.
-          Dropped Striker ammo should now be visible.

For Version 3.10 we are working on: (No date set yet)
Vehicle Improvements:
Certificate Timer Reduction - Reduced purchase timers from 6 to 2 minutes for the Basilisk, Wraith, Marauder, Harasser, Enforcer, and Thresher.
Increased Armor - Increased armor on the Fury, Basilisk and Wraith
Critical Health Changes:  Changed the critical health value for all ground vehicles. This changes an affect where the vehicle would be rendered useless when it has just a few health points left forcing the player to eject. This now allows the player to either eject or try to limp away from the battle. Choice will be to the player.
Assault Buggy Improvements - we expect to make some changes to the weaponry for Assault Buggy sometime during the 3.10 branch or later.

Tactical Overlay - The Tactical Overlay is a grid of colored blocks on the continent map that can be used to monitor friendly troop deployment, detect enemy forces, and visualize the flow of battle. All players have access to this tactical data, regardless of battle or command rank. For more information view the Tactical Overlay on the In Development message board.  

Infantry/Grunt Anti-Vehicle Changes  

Health/Spawn Incentive changes

Head Gear Enhancements - Hats, Glasses and Communication Device

More Bug Fixes

For future versions:
Deployable Devices - examining feedback and comparing the feedback with what is already planned.

Weapon/Vehicle Variants - examining feedback and comparing the feedback with what is already planned.

Please note that any of this information may change throughout the developement process depending on further discussion within the Development Team or other factors.


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