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DAOC Accounts Banned E-mail
Thursday, 26 January 2006
"In addition to the usual handful of cheaters we ban every morning, we tossed out a heap more this morning - those who exploited the quest macro cheat. Once is an accident, twice is confirming, and the cretin who used it a hundred and eighty three times is so, so banned. Don't let the door hit you on the way to the message boards! Kiss!

To everyone else, thanks for your patience during the exploit fix (which is what 1.82B was, BTW, that's why yesterday's patch notes appear to be out of order)."

Do they really ban people every morning? Laughing

We would like also to highlight that the Test Version 1.82c is up on the test server.

The Orlando Road Trip has also to be moved somwhere else: "Well, we learned today that our scheduled location for the Orlando Road Trip has closed. If you are a local and planning to attend, could you suggest a place to party? Send your suggestions via the Herald Feedback Form, and use the "Questions" category. Thanks in advance for your help!" 

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