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PvP is Coming to Everquest II E-mail
Tuesday, 31 January 2006
From the Everquest 2 website: "As you may already know, Player-versus-Player combat is coming to EverQuest II! It is currently planned to launch simultaneously with Kingdom of Sky, the second EQII expansion. PvP will take place on new PvP-ruleset servers named after famous dragons in Norrath. Everyone will have the opportunity to start fresh on a PvP server and be a part of the escalated conflict between Freeport and Qeynos".

"The general gameplay is as follows: You start off aligned with the city you choose at character creation— Freeport (Evil) or Qeynos (Good). You will hunt and battle with members of the opposing alignment to gain experience, status, faction and titles. Further rewards will become available at PvP merchants as you earn standing within your city—you will have the opportunity to purchase items and other rewards from these special merchants."


Some ideas seems to come from the experience of Dark Age of Camelot:

"Things you CAN NOT do across alignments:

  • Group with members outside of your alignment
  • Join a guild that is not of your alignment
  • Send /tells to characters not of your alignment
  • View /auction, /ooc, /shout from characters of another alignment
  • Join chat channels created by characters of another alignment
  • View members of another alignment in the zone with /who
  • Send mail via the Norrathian Express
  • Trade items or coin
  • /duelbet (/duel still functions)"
Read more on the full Everqeust 2 coverage .


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