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Tuesday, 07 February 2006
It is strange how players reacted to the list of features of the new 1.10 patch. The Priests are expected to be revamped (the Under Development page just says that there will be changes in the talent trees, but players expect those changes to be big), but people attention seems to be elsewhere...

The news of weather effects coming to the world of Azeroth is spreading fast, generating lots of articles , devs interviews , thrills .

At the Under Development Page it is possible to download some movies of the new effects, while Boomtown has some nice screenshots .

It is interesting to go back to this old Devs interview , dated 17 June 2005: "Worldofwar.Net: Any plans for random weather effects? Considering the 24 hour clock, is it possible that we could actually see a fabricated weather system where storms actually moved across the world?

Blizzard: We realize that dynamic weather effects will help players further immerse themselves in to the world of Azeroth, and we are looking to add them to the game in the future"

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