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The following is a list of all the relevant reviews that the game received since its release. If you don't find here a review that you think should be here, please use the Contact Us button above and let us know.

Game Arena - 26 Nov 2004 Review - Rating: 10/10
"World of Warcraft is that special kind of game that blurs the line between genre standards – you get FPS quality graphics, the immense scale of a MMOG, and the unbeatable flavour of the Warcraft world."

Gamespy - 07 Dec 2004 Review - Rating: 5/5
"Suffice it to say, though, that if you're a Blizzard fan, you will want to play this game. If you're a fan of MMOs, you'll want to play this game. If you're not a fan of MMOs, but are a fan of great games, you will want to play this game. Hell, if you're a gamer who's ever wanted to pull another person into the hobby, you'll want to play this game and share it with a non-gamer friend."

Silicon Fusion - 25 Feb 2005 Review - Rating: 10/10
"I am impressed.
Not much manages that feat but World of Warcraft has managed to do so. It is indeed one of the most impressive achievements to date in the Online Gaming world.

Quandary - 10 Jun 2005 Review - Rating: 5/5
"exploration is a treat in WOW, which is a good thing because there is some trudging around to do till you earn enough experience to acquire a horse or whatever other majestic creature you want to eventually sit astride."

Just Adventure - 15 Mar 2005 Review - Rating: A+
"I don’t want to ruin any more of the fun of discovery with this game, so you’ll have to trust me when I say World of Warcraft is a blast to play, and incredibly addicting."

CV Games - 1 Mar 2005 Review - Rating: A+
"There is very little to complain about in World of WarCraft. In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable games of the year. I highly recommend you play this game. However, because this is a MMOG, there is a ton of information to keep up with."

Gameplanet - 16 Feb 2005 Review - Rating: Perfect
"Blizzard have delivered another award-winning game, a game with a wealth of depth and play experience not seen before in an online title. A mixture of some awesome graphics and a good dose of humour make this truly compelling to play. This is an experience not to be missed."

Game Industry News - 23 Dic 2004 Review - Rating: 5/5
"World of Warcraft seems to be a better mix of solo and group content leaning heavily in the direction of solo play, which for me is a huge plus. You are able to solo many quests but there are still places you do not want to venture into without a stalwart group of friends along with you"

Boomtown - 16 Feb 2005 Review - Rating: 10/10
"Blizzard has definitely done its homework and looked at other MMORPGs; taking something here and there and improved it. It’s not the most original MMORPG around but uses time-tested elements and improves them."

Xequted - 3 May 2005 Review - Rating: 10/10
"Overall World of Warcraft is as solid an experience as can be found online. This game will absorb your life once you start playing, and crusty pizza boxes will become an all too common appearance around the house. World of Warcraft is accessible for players with days to spare, or only an hour or two on occasion, and that is the hallmark of a truly successful online RPG."

WorthPlaying - 07 Dec 2005 Review - Rating: 9.6/10
"While World of WarCraft hasn't really innovated the genre much, they've lifted the bar for what people are going to expect from MMORPGs in the future. If you like MMORPGs , you'll probably WoW, and if you've never tried one, this is the game that will make you a fan."

Warcry - 01 Dec 2004 Review - Rating: 9.6/10
"This is, in my opinion, a must-buy game. After you buy the game, you have a month to make up your mind. Server fees are a bit pricey, but if you buy them in bulk (so many months at a time) it lessens the overall cost."

Gamespot - 29 Nov 2004 Review - Rating: 9.5/10
"World of Warcraft features an overall level of quality that's typically reserved for the best offline games, which have always had a leg up on online games in their ability to present tightly-woven, story-driven settings."

UGO - 09 Dec 2004 Review - Rating: A
"WoW is an impressive display of storytelling, art direction, programming, and imagination, not likely to be surpassed any time soon. The sheer scope of the game’s world is reason enough to play; it takes the creation of virtual fantasy worlds to an entirely new level."

Groovalicious Games - 07 Feb 2005 Review - Rating: 9.5/10
"I absolutely, emphatically LOVE World of Warcraft. Blizzard, my heart thanks you, while my cramped hand, watery eyes and skimpy wallet hate you."

Gaming Age - 13 Aug 2005 Review - Rating: A - Superlative
"CRUNCH! 'Well done, you have reached Level 22'. Woooo yea! What new spells are in stall for me now baby? What new talents can I learn? What new armour will I find? Welcome to the World of Warcraft ladies and gents"

Next Level Gaming - 7 Dic 2004 Review - Rating: 95/100
"In short, Blizzard’s first foray into the world of MMO gaming is Superb. They’ve managed to blend New and innovative ideas along with tried and true features in a smooth running game worthy of the Warcraft name. All in all, It’s a great game for newcomers and veterans of MMO gaming alike to play."

All RPG - 22 Dic 2004 Review - Rating: 9.5
"WoW is a really great MMORPG that is definitely worth playing if you are new to the MMORPG genre, if you are very attached to a different MMORPG it is still definitely worth checking it out, you might even end up liking it more then your previous MMORPG (I know I did)."

CGN - 27 Gen 2005 Review - Rating: 4.75/5
"So here it is. Take the most brilliantly realized world in gaming, fill it with an endless list of things to do, and apply enough polish to make it shine from here to Jupiter, and you have World of Warcraft in a nutshell."

Gamebiz - 3 Nov 2005 Review - Rating: 9.5
"World of Warcraft is one of the best games ever made, and the experiences continue to amaze players throughout the whole game."

RPGFan - 28 Oct 2005 Review - Rating: 95%
"With fantastic art direction, technical stability, a compelling storytelling, addictive and enjoyable gameplay – we have the recipe for success"

JustPressPlay - 4 Sep 2005 Review - Rating: 9.5/10
"World of Warcraft is the best MMOG on the market right now. I highly recommend it to fans of the series and MMOG travelers alike."

Gaming Nexus - 30 Dic 2004 Review - Rating: 9.4/10 - Awesome
"All hail the new king of MMOs."

GamePlasma - 16 Dec 2004 Review - Rating: 9.4/10
"The only excuse for not playing it is if you don�t have a computer capable of running it, and in that case, get a new computer and play this game."

IC Games - 4 Feb 2005 Review - Rating: 94%
"They have made a game that is fun for everyone and can not only appeal to the hardcore massively multiplayer online crowd, but to the casual gamer as well."

FiringSquad - 8 Feb 2005 Review - Rating: 92%
"World of WarCraft is perhaps not the deepest MMO out there, but it definitely ranks up high in the longevity factor. What's different about it is that Blizzard has made the game very accessible and really put together an amazing system of quests that aren't just part of the depth, but actually a tutorial."

Telefragged - 30 Nov 2004 Review - Rating: 92%
"World of Warcraft may not be the great savior of MMORPGs, but it's certainly the most solid one to come out in a long time"

Gamerz Alliance - 17 Gen 2006 Review - Rating: 92%
"I can never usually stick to one MMO and quit after a month....until this game. I've tried to quit WoW many times just so I can play other games, but I usually only last a week before I go and reactivate my account again."

The Gamers' Temple - 30 Mar 2005 Review - Rating: 92%
"If you’re looking to get into a MMORPG or have grown tired with your current one, then suffice it to say that World of Warcraft is an excellent choice as they don’t come any better than this."

Game Axis - 17 Feb 2005 Review - Rating: 9.3
"WoW is golden, but will it remain shiny and polished for years to come in the extremely competitive MMORPG genre – we can only keep our fingers crossed."

Frag Land - 25 Apr 2005 Review - Rating: 91.8%
"World of Warcraft is simply the best MMORPG I got to play up until now! Although the downpoints of the genre are most certainly still present (time investment, grinding, etc) Blizzard does succeed to lower the threshold and manages to limit the frustrations to a minimum."

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