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New EVE Record: 23.811 Players Online E-mail
Tuesday, 28 February 2006
The last record we reported was for 23,000 players concurrently logged in. But is it lagging?

"At 20:34 yesterday EVE players broke their own Peak Concurrent Player (PCU) record with 23.811 playing at the same time. This time the record was set on the recently installedIBM Dual Processor 64-bit Opteron Blade Servers providing for a noticeably smoother experience for all."

Ok, everything looks nice. But after every record breaking, I remember that on the EVE Online official forums you could find every sort of complaints about how much the game was lagging, how it was unplayable and so on.

I lurked the forums also this time to discover if this hardware upgrade changed the rules... and it did.

The only thread with some lag complaints I could find was this one ,  and it is not related to server load but just about network issues playing from China.

I was also online at that time and didn't experienced any lag, but I was just hauling some ore I bought to my factories (You know, a bloody rat  destroyed my Dominix and I have to rebuild one), so probably I wouldn't have noticed anyway.

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