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Tuesday, 28 February 2006

An interesting thread we found on the Planetside Official Forums:  Poll Discussion Thread: Do you use Macros?

A Poll was opened some days ago asking players if they do use macros. Well, they do. At least forum readers do since 89% of the answers were positive.

Please notice that we are not talking about AFK macroing or cheating here (also because AFK macros doesn't look to be so effective in Planetside). The macros we are talking about are the ones you can define in the client, useful to semi-automate complex tasks so that thay can be accomplished with one single key press.

So we discover that sombody has "One for toggling my helmet, one for the earpiece, one for the shades and one for yelling that Im an advanced medic.", while other uses them "for advertising my outfit, welcoming new members to my outfit and giving them information, such as my ventrilo address and details of our divisions.".

For more ideas on how to effectively use in game macros read the forum thread .
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