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Tuesday, 14 March 2006
New changes for Planetside have been put online on the Test Server. Some tweakings and interface polishing in it.

Changes to look for in 3.11:
  • The first-time help icon has been replaced with a glowing exclamation point that better matches the new art
  • TR MAX Burster projectile speed has been increased by 25%
  • TR MAX Burster unlocked fire rate has been increased by 20%
  • TR MAX Burster ammunition box capacity has been increased from 50 rounds to 100 rounds
  • NC MAX Sparrow projectile speed has been increased by 33%
  • Changed Switchblade certification prerequisite to ATV (was Armored Assault 1)
  • Players can create characters from all three empires now
  • /appeal requests are now redirected to a new centralized Customer Support site
  • Re-enabled Welcome dialogue that offers a new Basic Training Mission
  • Training Missions have been further revised
  • Tactical Overlay settings now save correctly between sessions
  • Polished cursor graphics so they stand out better
  • Edited first-time use help for clarity and brevity
  • Scrollbar in empire description on the character creation screen now scrolls only if needed
  • Improved the W graphic on the proximity radar window
  • Platoon default chat color is now bright orange which should be much easier to read
  • Tweaked the third person camera speed to compensate for mousewheel and keyboard use
  • Removed the LFS toggle from the chat window
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