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EVE Bloodlines Patch Finally Deployed E-mail
Friday, 03 March 2006
The latest big EVE Patch named Bloodlines (or in short Blood) has been pushed on the Tranquillity cluster. The patch process has been a bit painful as the developers admits, and some after patch bugs have been already be discovered.

On a news, from Oveur: "This patch day didn't go as planned. After a successful deployment of one of the most extensive changes done for a long time to Tranquility - the hardware upgrades - experiencing this was like are returning back in time. The sheer number of small problems that went wrong in this patch deployment really felt like Mr. Murphy was getting back at us.

Ranging from the database maintenance tasks taking far longer than expected to a typo affecting older autopatches, mixed with code corrupting database entries resulting in new characters being skilless resulted in far longer delays than expected at first.

We sincerely apoligize for the inconvenience this extended downtime has caused.

This is a list of the current Blood pach issues:

Please note: the new Patch Wizard includes a file, exefile.exe, which will attempt to connect back to the EVE server. This file updates the EVE splash screen, and is not malicious.

Traffic Advisories, this feature was added with the Bloodlines patch. As the load from server start-up balances out and the server start-up process completes, these pop-ups will appear with less frequency.

Market Issues/Unavailability, this is also a part of the server start-up process. Markets will open up as the server start-up process completes.

New character creation resulting in 0 skills or skill points for certain bloodlines is a known issue and being worked on. It appears that there are some issues with the Newbie Skills table that need to be resolved. The Devs are working on a fix.

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