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Interview on COH Issue 7 E-mail
Monday, 06 March 2006
Boomtown interviewed Matt Miller, Senior Designer for City of Heroes and City of Villains, about the upcoming changes in Issue 7. If you don't know what Issue 7 is about, in a short quote from the interview: "Obviously the most important feature is the level 40 to 50 content for Villains. This brings their level cap to be on par with Heroes."

"BT: After Issue 4, Issue 5 and Enhancement Diversification, players might have a well-founded worry that Issue 7 will come with another major change in gameplay spanning several or all types of characters. Is there going to be anything at all in Issue 7 of that magnitude?

MM: We have no plans for any sweeping balance changes tied to Issue 7. Masterminds are even getting a couple of advantages that will make them more viable in PvP, which will be useful in PvE as well."

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