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Tuesday, 07 March 2006

Blizzard announced yesterday a contest to win a slot in the beta test for our upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade.

You can win the slot in one of three possible ways:

  • be one of the first 1000 players to build a lvl50 char on test realm
  • be one of the 500 with the most honor gained on test realm with a lvl19 char
  • be one of the top 1000 able to grind as much lvl 25 chars as possible


To me it seems like World of Warcraft is trying in every possible way to keep interested the catass gamers, the one able to spend 5-9 hours daily in front of their computers doing nothing else than playing.

Evidently high level battlegrounds and releasing one raid content after the other is still not enought to keep those players entertained, or at least busy doing something, since I can't understand how grinding dozens of level 25 chars can be considered entertaining. 

So Blizzard, thank you very much for the offer, but please, feel free to keep your beta slots for you and for your friends, I am not interested at all. 

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