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DAOC Town Art Prepatch E-mail
Friday, 10 March 2006
Sanya Thomas explains us what the DAOC client is going to download for all of us with the next pach. In short, thay are "making some adjustments to the way we handle art files". Let's see in detail what does it means.


We are currently making some adjustments to the way we handle art files. The end result will be great for you guys, since we'll be able to change images without tons of drama. The short term might be a little inconvenient for you guys on the Catacombs client, for which I apologize. Here's the deal:

We revamped the starting town art for players on the Catacombs client, oh, about a billion years ago. It was an optional download you had to get off the web, and many of you have installed the files. However, the changes in the way we store files in the directory means you won't have a choice but to get them again through the patcher. Put another way - even if you already downloaded the files, you're about to get them again and there's no way around it.

We are dividing the town art files into five chunks, and will load the chunks up to the patcher one at a time. Right now, 11 MB awaits you if you're a Catacombs client user.

If you did not download the optional files, and you are a Catacombs user, you will not be able to see the new towns until you've got all five chunks - we won't "flip the switch" until all the files are on the patcher.

I hope that made sense, and I thank you for your patience.

Sanya Thomas

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