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DAOC Grab Bag on 1.83 E-mail
Monday, 13 March 2006
In the latest DAOC Grab Bag, Sanya Thomas answers some FAQs from players about the incoming 1.83 patch. It seems like it will interest more classes than usual.
Q: What classes are getting their turn in 1.83?

A: The list isn't final. No, really. We just added a person to the Camelot team, and we may be able to get more classes done this patch than we thought. I hope you understand that I don't want to say until I'm positive. Hell hath no fury like a team lead scorned.



Q: Do the realm abilities "Wild Healing" and "Mastery of Healing" affect the friar staff styles that proc a group heal? Do they affect the castable offensive and defensive group proc heals?


A: Yes to both, sayeth our designer in charge as well as the lead Camelot tester.



Q: Last night we took a good size group out and did arts.  One art we did was Jacina's Sash.  Previously I have done this encounter and gotten credit for it on a level 41.  Last night a few people in the bg did not get credit.  We checked to be sure there wasn't anyone outside of the bg when we killed it and that they were all in range to get credit.  The last thing we came to was level for credit.  Some were only level 40, so that was understandable, but a level 45 did not get credit.  Has there been some stealth changes to what level you have to be to get credit?  If not, is there some other reason we'd not get credit?


A: No stealth change, but a patch noted change. Here's the Content Queen: "This was changed for version 1.82 "Cyrek will now grant encounter credit only to players who are eligible for the Jacina's Sash encounter."  Players were previously able to receive encounter credit before they should have been able to activate the artifact. However, we mistakenly set the level requirement to 46 instead of level 45 and it will be fixed in the next version.


Wince. I apologize, guys. If you're level 45, skip these raids until April, when the next version will go live.



Q: Hiya! Is there a link that tells what Memories of War and Scars of Battle does for a hero? The race/class link on the Herald does not show these under abilities for the hero. Thanks :)


A: We'll get this onto the documentation ASAP, and in the meantime: According to Zimm, our resident man of class, the answer is "Memories of War gives a hero an innate resist bonus to magical damage, which scales up to 15% from level 40-50. Scars of Battle gives an innate 10% hit point increase."



Q: What is the realm breakdown percentage of toons that are played by Mythic employees?


A: Even, or close enough as makes no nevermind as they say down South - 32% Mid, 36% Hib, 34% Alb. The percentages change if you're counting characters and not human beings.



Q: WRU 1.83A?


A: Next Thursday is the NEW plan. What'd I tell you about you guys knocking on wood to counteract my mighty jinxing powers?



Q: I run a fansite that I support with Google ads. Are the ads for, shall we say, third party services going to get me in trouble?


A: I wouldn't dream of blaming you for the way some leeches have learned to manipulate Google. However, there may be some hope - try this link and see if you can block those ads: Insanely long Google link



Q: Hello, I have a question about Mastery of Focus: If a level 45 spell caster casts a level 41 spell with MoF II (+9), is the spell cast, (for resistance purposes), as a level 45 spell or a level 50 spell? Also, do Focus Bonuses on items like staffs and staves have the same effect as Mastery of Focus?


A: From the Man of Class: "Item bonuses, no.


"The RA MoF will boost that level 41 to 50 purely for resistance purposes. If a level 45 spell is cast it will boost it to 50, the cap for MoF bonuses."




Stratics, one of my fave news sites, just popped up a friendly little Q&A with me:


My favorite humor site ever posted, well, an article that's not FUNNY, exactly, but represents a cause near and dear to my heart, the annual MS Walk: If you want to make a real difference to a great cause, pledge or come and walk with the only team on which the leader wears a Ben and Jerry's Pint costume. It's a hell of a good time, a great cause, and a great chance to come together as gamers making a difference. If you run a news site or a blog, please reprint this link and help get the word out!


I occasionally play the game and run my own Mp3s. Please don't point and laugh; I've been playing for nearly five years, y'all, I can sing the village entrance music in my sleep. Sometimes a girl just needs to rock. Please note that by "rock" I mean "80's rock." So, there I am, dead in combat. A healer comes along and gives me a rez, heals me up all nice… and I'm laughing too hard to thank her, because "When you find your medicine you take what you can get/'cause if there's something better baby well they haven't found it yet/your love is like bad medicine" is blasting out of my speakers.


She ran off before I quit laughing, and she had one of those names with ninety consonants that I couldn't spell with a gun to my head. If you've got a female healer on Nimue with a wacky name, and you helped someone who neglected to thank you, uh, thanks!


All right, on that note, I'm out. See you Monday.

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