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Monday, 20 March 2006
World of Warcraft is going to launch a Guild Relations Program. It is still not very clear how it works since on the related page thay are for now only listing what they would like to accomplish with the program.

Guilds will be invited into this program based on the level of activity demonstrated in regard to constructive community interaction. Those seeking a place in the program are encouraged to immediately begin:

  • Participating in constructive discussion in the World of Warcraft General Discussion or Guild Relations forum


  • Posting helpful information for other players to read on any of the World of Warcraft forums


  • Creating World of Warcraft-related movies and linking to them on our forums for others to enjoy


  • Developing fan fiction to enrich the overall entertainment experience for those who enjoy lore and creative writing


  • Creating game guides and making them available for other members of the community


  • Anything else that demonstrates a genuine willingness to help other members of the World of Warcraft community is also welcome. Once enough members of a particular guild begin to stand out in this fashion, the leader of the guild will receive an invite via the email address registered to his/her World of Warcraft account, along with further details.
For more informations check the program page .
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