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Tuesday, 21 March 2006
Gamersinfo interviews Noah Baker, Game Designer for EVE Online. Noah's task is currently the one of "balancing various aspects of the game including but not limited to; Market, Blueprints, Ships, Modules and other aspects mostly dealing with the player vs player side of the game".

The best question for me was: If you had the chance to live in the Universe of EVE, where would you live and under what circumstances?

Noah Ward: As far as just being a person who lives day to day in the world of EVE I'd say I'd want to live in some rather out of the way planet within the Gallente Federation. Reason being that life within any of the other factions space just doesn't appeal to me. You have the Caldari where everyone is a worker drone and a slave to their corp, The Matari who are either lower class or poverty stricken and the Amarr who are all religious fanatics. I picture the place I'd live to be a cross between Hawaii and Amsterdam's Red Light District.

If you want to read more, check the full interview

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