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COH Player Choice Awards 2006 E-mail
Thursday, 30 March 2006

On the City of Heroes / Villains forums, the Players Choice Awards 2006 are hosted. The players are asked to name their favourite thing in different categories, like Favourite Event or Favourite Costume Part.

The full list of voting categories is the following:

Favorite Supergroup
Favorite Villain Group
Favorite PvP Supergroup
Favorite PvP Villain Group
Favorite Player Quote
Favorite Redname Quote
Favorite Forum Fan Fiction
Favorite Fan Artist
Favorite Player-Run Event
Favorite Fansite
Favorite Poster
Most Helpful Forum Poster
Most Helpful Fansite
Most Helpful Player Guide
Favorite Forum Game
Favorite Gladiator
Favorite AV/AH
Favorite Costume Part (CoX)
Favorite Temp Power (CoX)
Favorite PvP Zone
Favorite CoV Zone
Favorite CoH Zone
Favorite Contact (CoX)
Favorite Signature Character (CoX)
Favorite Badge
Coolest Looking Power Animation (CoX)
Favorite Comic Issue
Favorite NPC Line (CoX)
Favorite Event
Favorite Web Article (CoX)
Favorite Base Item
Favorite Story Arch (CoX)
Favorite Zone Area Music (CoX)
Favorite Emote
Favorite Contest

To post your vote on the forums follow this link

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