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CCP Will Make Another Game E-mail
Wednesday, 05 April 2006
CCP, the iceland software house behind EVE Online, is going to work on mysterious new "upcoming projects".


In a recent interview with Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, Lead Designer for EVE Online answered the question:

" What is your position with CCP?

Kjartan Pierre Emilsson: I have been Lead Game Designer of EVE Online these last 5 years, overseeing general design of the game, but in the near future I am gearing up for upcoming projects within CCP, so I will pass that flag along to be able to concentrate on those."

So what are they going to work on? Will it be a new MMORPG? Should this article be listed in the EVE Online or in the Other Games category?

You will not find answers to those questions reading the complete interview .

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