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Thursday, 24 November 2005
Lately, support for the Japanese closed beta has been added to the game, and a new contest for designing PvP build to add to the game has been launched.

Bring Out Your Builds!
It's time to do a swap-out on some of the PvP Pre-builds. We're looking for effective new character templates to offer to players choosing a quick-start character for PvP play. In order to get the best and freshest builds, those guilds in the Top 20 of the Guild Wars ladder as of 11:59 PST on Sunday, December 4th, will be invited to send us a character build. Then, the player community will vote on their favorites and several templates will be incorporated into the game. We'll have more information on the Bring out Your Builds Challenge soon, but in the meantime, keep on with the GvG and start thinking about what your template will be!

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