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Monday, 28 November 2005
NCSoft is inviting all current Guild Wars players for the biggest ingame event since launch.

NCsoft and ArenaNet are pleased to announce the Guild Wars World Championship. All Guild Wars players are invited to participate! To do so, simply form a guild and join in Rated Guild-versus-Guild matches on the Guild Wars Ladder.

The qualifying season begins at Midnight Pacific Daylight Time (7:00 AM GMT) on Saturday, October 1st, as ArenaNet resets the Guild Wars ladder. The ladder season will last three months, and will lead to playoffs among top-ranked guilds in three regions: America, Europe, and Korea. Two eight-player teams from each region will then battle for Guild Wars world supremacy in Taipei, Taiwan, during the week of the Taipei Game Show, which is scheduled to take place February 16 — 20, 2006.

Information about prizes will be announced in the very near future.

Guild Wars Championship Calendar
October 1, 2005    Guild Wars Ladder Reset   
January 1, 2006    Qualifying Season Ends   
January, 2006    Regional Guild Wars Playoffs Held   
February, 2006    Guild Wars World Championship Finals held during the Taipei Game Show in Taipei, Taiwan   

About the Event

Guild Wars will be released in Taiwan and in Japan just prior to the championship event, and in celebration of the releases, we've selected Taipei as the location for the first Guild Wars World Championship. The event will include the crowning of the Guild Wars World Champion, and in addition will also feature exhibition matches with teams from Taiwan and Japan. It will be a truly international event that will reflect the global nature of Guild Wars and of the Guild Wars community!

For information about game updates made in conjunction with the Guild Wars World Championship announcement, please see this page.

About Taipei

Taiwan is a solitary island off the coast of Mainland China, on the western edge of the Pacific "Rim of Fire." Taiwan's landscape features majestic peaks, rolling hills and plains, basins, rugged coastlines, and other wonders. A land of great natural beauty, the small island is home to 6 national parks and 12 national scenic areas and has climates ranging from temperate to tropical. There are nearly 20,000 species of wildlife on the island, and more than 20% are Rare or Endangered Species.

The cultural aspects in Taiwan are a delighted blending of Hakka, Taiwanese, and mainland Chinese cultures. These lend a fascinating cultural and social color to everything from architecture to language to food.

We look forward to the Guild Wars World Championship, and who knows? We may be hosting your guild in Taipei in 2006!

Eligibility Note

At the present time, all guilds on the Guild Wars Ladder are eligible for participation in the Guild Wars World Championship, excepting those guilds whose membership includes employees of NCsoft or ArenaNet or their family members. Such guilds are ineligible. A list of ineligible guilds can be found here.

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