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DAOC 1.83c Test Version E-mail
Friday, 07 April 2006
Version 1.83c has been pushed on Pendragon. There is a lot of changes for the Wizard, but also something for other classes, and a lot of quests fixing. Here are the patch notes.


Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.83c Release Notes
Class Changes and Art Revamps
April 6, 2006


  • Players will no longer lose their quickbars if they fail to zone properly and get reset to a safe spot.
  • Mousewheel support has been added to the Training window.
  • The Hero's two-handed Champion Sword now rests higher on the character's back.
  • Multiple target styles will now play the correct style animation, rather than the generic attack animation.
  • (Pendragon Only) Players may once again click on the center of a Stormlord storm in order to target it.
  • (Pendragon Only) Terrain adjustments have been made for the Rilan (Albion), Brisworthy (Albion) and Holmestrand (Midgard) housing zones.
  • (Pendragon only) Additional changes have been made to Leirvik to fix a number of issues and address feedback given for that Battleground.


  • New weapon art has been created solely for the various fossil and commander pets.
  • The two top tiers of commander pets have new, unique helm art.
  • Twinkling Arms, Glossed Arms, Shining Arms, Shimmering Arms, Glowing Arms, Glittering Arms, Brilliant Arms and Splendorous Arms are now a group cast buff at all levels. Dazzling Arms and Radiant Arms have been removed from Enchantments.
Healing Classes - General
  • Raise Fallen, Lesser Reconstitution, and Reception from Valhalla now grant 10% Endurance upon Resurrection.
  • Reincarnate, Reconstitution, and Welcome from Valhalla now grant 25% Endurance upon Resurrection.
  • Resurrection, Greater Reconstitution, and Remigration from Valhalla now grant 50% Endurance upon Resurrection.
  • Call from Valhalla now grants 35% Power and 65% Health upon Resurrection.

  • A new Self only Strength buff has been granted to Paladins in their Chant line in the following manner:
3: Righteous Strength +17 Strength, 20 minute duration, 3 power
7: Righteous Potency +20 Strength, 20 minute duration, 6 power
14: Righteous Power +26 Strength, 20 minute duration, 11 power
20: Virtuous Strength +31 Strength, 20 minute duration, 16 power
30: Virtuous Potency +39 Strength, 20 minute duration, 25 power
41: Virtuous Power +47 Strength, 20 minute duration, 33 power
50: Virtuous Might +55 Strength, 20 minute duration, 43 power
  • Savages now gain Prevent Flight at level 24.
  • Dusted Vision and Encrusted vision have a 10% Matter debuff which lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Mire Vision and Soil vision have a 15% Matter debuff which lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Minor Searing Wind, Lesser Searing Wind, Searing Wind and Minor Searing Gust now have a 15% debuff component.
  • Searing Gust, Minor Searing Wave, Searing Wave and Searing Blast now have a 20% debuff component.
  • Greater Sheet of Lava now has a 150 Radius.
  • Sheet of Magma now has a 250 Radius.
  • Greater Sheet of Magma now has a 350 Radius.
  • Trembling Earth, Quaking Earth and Buckling Earth have been moved to the Liquification line and renamed to Chains of Frost, Chains of Ice, and Chains of Permafrost. The level at which Chains of Ice is granted is now spec 33 instead of spec 32 (Quaking Earth's prior spec level).
  • Lesser Ensnaring Haze, Greater Ensnaring Haze, Potent Ensnaring Haze, Minor Entangling Haze, Entangling Haze, Greater Entangling Haze and Potent Entangling Haze have been moved to the Calefaction line and renamed to Lesser Ensnaring Earth, Greater Ensnaring Earth, Potent Ensnaring Earth, Minor Entangling Earth, Entangling Earth, Greater Entangling Earth and Potent Entangling Earth. The spec level at which these are attainable has been adjusted in the following manner:
3: Lesser Ensnaring Earth
13: Greater Ensnaring Earth
21: Potent Ensnaring Earth
26: Minor Entangling Earth
32: Entangling Earth
42: Greater Entangling Earth
50: Potent Entangling Earth
  • Minor Ensnaring Haze and Ensnaring Haze have been removed.
  • Minor Combustion, Lesser Combustion, Combustion, Greater Combustion, Major Combustion, Minor Conflagration, and Lesser Conflagration now have a 10% Heat Debuff which lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Conflagration, Greater Conflagration and Major Conflagration now have a 15% Heat debuff which lasts for 20 seconds.

  • Winners of the latest haiku contest have had their winning works memorialized in-game at the following NPCs: Matennon in Tir na Nog, Kuldebar in Camelot City, and Hrodvitnir in Jordheim. Again, congratulations to our winners!
  • New pets have been added as Trifecta rewards.

General Notes
  • Additional higher level tinderboxes have been added to humanoid loot tables of all level ranges in the Classic zones.
  • (Midgard) Two new horse routes were added: Mularn to Ft. Veldon, and Ft. Veldon to Mularn.
Quest Notes - Albion
  • Players on step 6 of the Rest for the Dead epic will now be redirected to the correct NPC if they go to the incorrect Guild leader.

Monster Notes - Midgard
  • (Pendragon only) The monsters added to the underwater areas in Midgard have loot tables now.

Monster Notes - Hibernia
  • The majority of the low level Dergan mobs in the Mag Mell area have had their aggro radius decreased.
  • Sentinel Thomas should be locatable by using the /where command now.

Dungeon Notes - General
  • The aggression radius of the Realm guards within the Demons' Breach dungeons has been increased.

Monster Notes - Hibernia
  • Grounded a 'writhing mass' monster that was roaming through the air.
  • Modified the Galladoria mob Easmarach's path when in panic mode so it should no longer end up below the water.

Quest Notes - General

  • A problem was fixed that prohibited some players accumulating the 20 setian ears for the Proof of Integrity quest.

Item Notes - General

  • All quests concerning artifact activation and encounter credit have been reviewed to ensure that the levels of these quests are consistent with the actual levels of each artifact.

Encounter Notes - Oceanus

  • The generators with the 'Melos weapon master' and 'Melos guardsman' mobs have been modified so that these mobs will spawn more frequently.

Quest Notes - Midgard

  • Players stuck on step 2 of the Lomira's Brother quest will now be able to find Thevgen to complete the quest.


Instanced Adventuring Notes - General

  • A number of the task dungeons available with the 'long corridors' option have been rebuilt to make them more 'caster-friendly'. This means that the layout will have changed from what some may remember and the monsters will have been moved accordingly to match these new layouts. The dungeon sets for each realm are as follows: Albion - "The Funerary Hall", Midgard - "The Gossamer Grotto", and Hibernia - "The Accursed Caves".

General Notes

  • Fixed a distance discrepency between Crom Cruiach, Utgard-Lok and Azazel. Crom Cruiach has been fixed and now all three can be attacked in melee from the same distance.

Quest Notes - Albion

  • Players who were not receiving quest credit for defending Sergeant Connelly in the Race to Kings Crossing quest should now receive credit appropriately.
  • Players who were not receiving credit for defeating the demonic version of Keeper Anataeus in the Dark Development quest should now receive credit appropriately.

Quest Notes - Midgard

  • Players who were not receiving quest credit for defending Sergeant Malagin in the Race to Hagg Dalur quest should now receive credit appropriately.
  • Players who were not receiving quest credit for defeating the demonic version of Keeper Iraeda in the Dark Development quest should now receive credit appropriately.

Quest Notes - Hibernia

  • Players who were not receiving quest credit for defending Captain Fearghus in the Race to Clocha Liatha quest should now receive credit appropriately.
  • Players who were not receiving credit for defeating the demonic version of Keeper Garran in the Dark Development quest should now receive credit appropriately.


General Notes

  • The mini-map for Leirvik has been updated.
  • We have modified the mechanism that moves players from the primary border keeps if they remain in the area for too long. If a player now leaves the general area around the primary border keep, the new mechanism will reset the proper timers. The timers will then restart properly when the player returns to the primary border keep later. This will solve the issue of a player returning to a primary border keep and being moved sooner than expected.
  • Caradawc has finally made the trip to the New Frontiers to join his ravenclan brethren.

General Notes

  • (Classic servers) All Apprentice Taxidermists that accepted Barracuda Remains have been removed.


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