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Saturday, 15 April 2006
There is a new Grab Bag today on The Camelot Herald. You will find answers about the possibility to respec character race and size, furnishing houses, RR5 class realm ability and more. Check it out.

Q: I have a question regarding the Market Explorers. It has been quite some time since I've searched for such an item, but recently I was on a quest to find items with Stat Debuff Effectiveness bonuses on them for my PvE Spiritmaster. When checking the Market Explorer, I found that under Bonuses, I could no longer select Stat Debuff as an option to filter by. I could've sworn that it was an option when the Market Explorers first came out.
Has this been decomissioned by design or did it disappear on accident? Or am I completely dreaming that it was even there at one time? :)

A:  The producer and I thought this was a bug - being able to search for bonuses is too important. So your question went to PQ, and the Red Headed Stepchild responded: "You can search for this bonus with the "Any TOA Bonus" field. This person probably thought they saw this field before because of the "Enhancement Spells" field, which lists stat buff enhancements."

Q: Are race/size respecs possible?

A: They are not possible at this time, as they are things permanently created when you log into the character.
Faces were permanent once upon a time, so one never knows what the future holds. But the ability to change races and sizes is lower on the priority list than other types of changes, and so I don't see it happening any time soon.

Q: This has got to be a noob question, since I've played on DAOC for 4 years. Is there a level 51? I'm fifty, but I have about 5 bulbs to 51 and getting more xp. I have had a fifty for a while and I have never noticed him earning xp to make a bulb before. Is this normal?

A: Yes, it's normal. You'll eventually fill the bar, and you won't be able to get any further.
Once, one of the programmers threatened to put in a popup window that would appear when you filled the bar. It would have said "You have won Dark Age of Camelot. Have a nice day!" I double dog dared him to actually do it, but he chickened out.

Q: I was riding through the S Black Mnts (alb, ofc), and I found 3 "mile markers" (roadstones, direction indicators) at /loc's 60413, 56581; 49626, 49980; and 37852, 30431.... These stones all reference a "Norwich", and point in the general direction of Ludlow.  Where is Norwich?

A: I've been here since June of 2001 and had no idea what you were talking about. But since you provided the /locs of the stones, it was easy as pie to look into!
Turns out we'd originally called the village of Humberton by the name of Norwich, and changed it due to feedback from players. But a few of the stones were accidentally left to grow mossy in the damp of the English spring.

Q: Why do theurgists have the Realm Skill "Mastery of pain" on their list? Does it transfer to pets like necromancers?

A: My reaction was "huh?" The only people who might remember were not available this week. I suspect it's one of those things that just slipped in, and doesn't make sense - but it doesn't have any major balance implications, so it's not worth taking out. I asked what it was that MoP would even do for a theurgist, and was told "If they hit someone with their staff, they have a higher chance to critical hit."
Yeah. So there you are.

Q: It seems I come upon some trouble with my house, it seems for me not to be possible to place a porch next to my own house but it keeps telling me that I got to remove everything before I upgrade or down grade my house or I will lose everything, although I removed everything from the inside and outside at least from what I know or can see (even from my house on Gareth).
If you (dear reader) or one of your colleagues want to try for themselves it's fine by me, XXXX the house owner is logged at my house on the Hibernia realm on the Lamorak server with the porchdeed in the bag.
Hope you can help me out and want to thank you in advance.

A: Thank you very much for providing me with all the information needed to investigate. And by me, I mean customer service. The Lord of the Underdark responded:
"This player is not seeing one of the items still inside the home, or in the garden. Advise them to stand in the garden, with the character that is the home owner. Make sure the character has enough empty spaces in their inventory. Type the following command:
This will attempt to pick up any items that are in your garden. After this is done, go inside the home, and type the same command.
Once this is done, attempt to put your porch on the home. If you *still* receive this message, please appeal in game from your home owner, explain the trouble you're having, and classify the appeal as Emergency. Here is an example of what you can write:
/appeal Heyas! My home, Lot ####, will not allow me to place a porch, even though I've removed all items from the home."

Q: In the latest Paladin TL report, when asked about the rr5, you said this:
Selfless Devotion
Issue Description: The RR5 Class Realm Ability is rarely used. It is too situational in that you need to be in a group (useless solo), it only affects one chant (Refreshment), it relies on twisting which isn't ideal in RVR and its effect is only half way between Ameliorating Melodies 1 & 2. Recommend it is replaced.
Mythic Response: Yes, when the Paladin class is reviewed. Possibly in 1.83.
If the patch notes are going live next week, right after 1.83D... is there still going to be a change to the paladin rr5?

A: Not in 1.83, although the issue is not dead. Everything we came up with was either awful, required resources we did not have during this patch cycle, or didn't work. We tried, we just didn't succeed. Therefore, we have to keep trying.

Q: I was just dueling on my friar and I noticed that the instant cast offensive heal proc with a radius on it (the one that I have is called Chaplain's Redemption Level 20) seems to heal who you are dueling as well. Is this an intended use for it or a bug or does the spells even recognize who you are in a duel with?
A: The spell doesn't know your realm mate is temporarily your enemy - it's just checking your realm.
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