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Dark Age of Camelot Patching E-mail
Monday, 24 April 2006
DAOC servers just came up again after patch. Before publishing the notes, here is some questions and answers about the update.

Q: Did you intend to add the server tag to all players in this patch?  It creates a bit of confusion since we are not a clustered server, since they assume seeing the tag that we got clustered.

A: The tag only appears in some channels, showed up on all the non-clustered servers, and was a bug. It was fixed in Thursday's version.

Some players have been requesting Gareth be clustered with his two brothers for RVR reasons, but we're still investigating. Before we do such a thing, there will be at least some warning!

The rumor that we were clustering Mordred with Gaheris was hilarious.

Q: I was looking through the realm abilities for the Skald, and noticed that Mastery of Concentration is listed. All of the Skald's spells are instant, so why is this RA even listed?

A: It's a leftover from a bad design that we have to address eventually.

Q: I have a lvl 50 Enchanter who had the single target red damage add and the yellow group damage add.  When I logged in the Enchanter after the patch, the single red damage add is gone; I thought it was going to be changed to a group damage add, but it simply does not appear in my list of spells at all now.  Please clarify this, since I thought the patch notes indicated that ALL the damage add spells were being changed to group.

A: I checked this with a couple of our guys and we finally figured out what the problem was. You should have a level 45 group damage add with a red group icon, and a level 44 single target damage add with a red icon. There is currently a bug in which the icon for the level 44 single target damage add is displaying the wrong icon. Currently, the icon is yellow and has the group widgets, but it should be red and not have the group widgets.  If you delve the icon, you’ll see that the level 44 single target damage add still exists. We’ll be fixing the icon bug soon.

Q: Does the RA Serenity stack with power regen spells and/ or any items that have power regen ability?

A: Yep.

Q: I like the new changes to the Sojourner ability, Circle of Ancients. My question is what is Essence Magic? When I cast it and check my resist window, none of the numbers seem to change.

A:  This one was for Zimm again. He explained that most Master Level Abilities use Essence type magic. Essence isn’t listed in the resist window because it can’t be spellcrafted, so be sure to make friends with your friendly neighborhood Soujourner for that extra boost.

Q:  What happened to the info about the specializations when at the trainer (the train button works but the info button doesn't)?  Will this be fixed?

A: Says the Content Queen: “It is a custom UI issue.  We had a bug in for it during testing, but it was fixed for all of our clients.” These things crop up right after patches sometimes. It’s always a good rule of thumb to switch over to an original UI right after a patch, until the custom UI creators have a chance to update.

Q: Reactive tinctures on shields, do they really work?  I put a level 43 reactive DD on a lvl 51 shield and went to test it in a task dungeon with my level 45 Hero.  About a quarter way through, estimated over 300 blocks, and the proc NEVER went off.

Is there something about blocking where it isn't considered a hit to the shield, thus a reactive proc would not work?

A:  Reactive tinctures aren’t meant to work on shields, say both the head of testing and Zimm: “Reactives will not work on shields, only armor pieces.  Only offensive procs will work on player made shields.”

Q:  After having my druid take over a hundred hits, and having Intercept and Protect on my druid, it didn't intercept once.  Could this be a bug or does it not show if I intercepted an attack and receive damage?

A: According to the head of testing: “You need to be in combat with the character who is doing the intercepting for it to work.” I wanted to make sure that this was working the way we meant it to, so I double-checked and found out that it always worked this way, and is not a bug.

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