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Monday, 01 May 2006
So they are working to remove the lag in Agramon, and Albion and Hibernia will soon receive their dose of underwater exploration. Here are the question answered in the latest Grab Bag with more info.

Q: There is so much lag on Agramon. What are you doing about it?

A: We strive to make optimizing tweaks in every patch. The first thing we do, of course, is run around the target zone with a variety of hardware setups at a variety of times. Your man in PQ reminded me that performance in windowed mode is significantly worse. Even though we are planning to make some tweaks in 1.84, you may find that the convenience of windowed mode isn't worth the performance cost.

Q: Now that Valkyries are able to use large shields, is there currently any way to trade medium versions of Aten's Shield and Cyclops Eye Shield for the large versions?

A: The Cyclops Eye is only available in the small and medium sizes. We will do our best to get an exchange policy for the Aten's Shield into the next patch for you.

Q: Does a Heal Over Time spell add the caster to the mob's hate list?

A: Nope, says our lead programmer.
Before you ask about Frigg's, it's just different by design. Whether or not we change that design will depend on the discussions we have when we look at the shaman again.

Q: When will Albion and Hibernia get underwater exploration?

A: We've got it scheduled for 1.84A, but as usual, my mentioning it could jinx the whole thing and put it off for later in the patch.

Q: Can you explain again how hot oil works? I've been hit when I'm actually inside the building. That makes no sense.

A: It doesn't, in a literal sense. But sadly, we're dealing with the limitations of a virtual world. Hot oil is basically an AOE spell, not actual oil. The circle is set to have a small radius (just wider than the door the oil pot is protecting), but that means you can get "splashed" with hot oil even once you're inside, if you're only inside by a bit.
We're always trying new things to make this a little more realistic.
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