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Tuesday, 11 April 2006
Ando, the Lead Quality Assurance Tester for UO, gives some insight on the new targeting system that we will start to see with the release of Publish 40. Wilki is also clarifying that "One of the options in the new targeting system is to cycle through all items on the screen, which includes corpses."
Post Date/Time: 07/04/06 20:06 (GMT)
Ando:    The Dev Team has just finished making changes to the look of the targeting reticle based on the feedback players provided from the first screenshots. The main intention was to make the reticle fit in more with the look of UO. In addition to that, a colored gem at the top of the reticle is now represents the flagging color of the targeted creature or NPC, rather than changing the color of the entire reticle. Also, the new targeting reticle now incorporates the mini health bar into the bottom portion of it, unless it's an item being targeted.

Below are several screenshots of what the new targeting reticle will look like against various different backgrounds. Each picture also represents a different gem color and one item.







Item (corpse):

Post Date/Time: 07/04/06 21:12 (GMT)
Comment #1:    Are the gems for item reticles color-coordinated with the text color of the item (only really an issue with corpses)?

Does the color of the gems change properly if the color of guildmates/murderers/etc is changed now? 

Ando:   Currently the answer to both of these is no.

Post Date/Time: 07/04/06 21:32 (GMT)
Comment #2: 
   Do the health bars at the bottom show decreased health like the health bars one can pull off a creature? If I highlight a target, will the bar at the bottom give me an idea of how close the creature is to death? From the screenshots, this is not apparent.

Ando:   These creatures were all at full health. The mini health bar works just like the current one that appears below the creature you are fighting. The only thing that changed was it moved to the targeting reticle.

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