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Minions of Mirth Patch 4-17-06 E-mail
Thursday, 27 April 2006
Minions of Mirth received an important update today. The version has been nicknamed Poisonous Edition since it introduces 50 new poisons, but players will find also a lot of new class specific equipment, the beginning of an Epic quest togheter with the usual fixes and tweaks.

Patch 4-17-06

  • Added over 50 new poisons! Several poisons require using your Alchemy skill to create ingredients. Thanks to Citrine.
  • Added Part I of the Tempest's Epic quest. Thanks to Kbro.
  • Added the new MoD gravestone marker. Thanks to Kaylon.
  • Added the second and final part of the Ranger's Epic quest. Thanks to Kbro. Updated journal entries, dialog, and added max times limit to Part I.
  • Added a new OSX icon. Thanks to
  • Added several new weapon crafting icons. Thanks to Arashi Shadowraven.
  • Added new Bard, Cleric, Ranger, Shaman, Thief, and Warrior class-specific shields. Thanks to Llarlen.
  • Added a shield to each of the prestigious race/class armor sets. Thanks to Llarlen.
  • Added new spawns to the Desert of Mohrum, Hazeroth Keep, Eastern Wasteland, Talrim Hills, and Jakreth Jungle.
  • Added several new items: rings, bracers, and shoulder pieces for MoD characters; and a new set of assassin armor. Thanks to KBro.
  • Fixed the Kuga spawnpoint so he doesn't get respawned in Anidaen Forest.
  • Fixed the Giant Crocodile and Phos the Ravenous spawns to respawn correctly.
  • Added Frostbite Gate Potions to the Tempest level 16 quest.
  • Increased the stats on the Monk class specific robe and sleeve drops. Thanks to Citrine.
  • Boosted stats on the Menhir Blade.
  • Druid forms no longer stack.
  • Bard regens no longer stack.
  • Updated the journal entries on the level 16 quests to make it easier to locate spawns.
  • Increased the number and frequency of Flash spawns in Jakreth Jungle.
  • Deleted the duplicate Sturmghast Bloodletter spawn.
  • Tempest trainers now sell the level 26 Summon Lesser Water Elemental spell.
  • Increased the frequency of Dart Grewail spawning and increased the frequency in which he drops his dagger.
  • Decreased the frequency of Dreadscale drops off Grewail Grunts.
  • Added spell effect to the Druid's alliance tp spells.
  • Fixed the teleport location of Anidaen Forest Ring and Anidaen Portal spells.
  • Updated the spellbook icons on the Revealer's Portal spells.
  • Added missing female orc muscular and heavy body type variations.
  • Fixed the Cast Haste stat on the Stalker Gloves.
  • Added Enchantment skill to all Shaman movement spells.
  • Fixed the Min and Max Reuse Time on the Ranger's Camouflage skill to 4 and 6 minutes respectively.
  • Fixed Bard's Sorrow Song skill so that it isn't received automatically.
  • Changed Fruggad the Mighty to always have the Safehouse Key.
  • Increased the frequency of Rihn Grewail dropping her rapier.
  • Fixed the level requirement on the Assassin's level 16 quest.
  • The Enslaved of Hazeroth Keep are now level 35.
Source: MOM forums
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