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Friday, 28 April 2006
Eric Heimburg, senior systems designer on Star Trek Online, talks about the game economy in a recent dev blog. "First off, will the game have an economy? We've heard the community ask this question several times, and the answer is yes. The Federation has a thriving economy, with major financial institutions (such as the Bank of Bolias) keeping trade running smoothly".

He explains us that "the basic unit of currency in the Federation is the credit, an entirely electronic type of money. The credit is quite well entrenched in canon stories: Cyrano Jones was selling tribbles for credits way back in 2268; nearly a century later, they were still in common use when the Federation offered 1,500,000 credits for the Barzan wormhole in 2366. Since players are in the Federation, it makes sense to use Federation credits as the basic currency. We'll assume that other currencies, such as latinum bars and Cardassian Leks, can be converted into credits (perhaps with some exchange fee)."

But also in the Star Trek world, there are things that money cant' buy. This is why you will need to gain prestige: "Suppose a player undergoes an away mission. It's a difficult mission, and he earns 100 experience points, or XP (which are used to earn new levels and gain new skills and abilities). The player also completed an optional mission objective - perhaps he saved the life of an alien trapped in some wreckage. In this way, he didn't just complete the mission, but really excelled at it, earning the attention of Starfleet command. To represent this, the player is given 50 prestige points. He probably can't do anything with only 50 points, but if the player saves them up for a while, he can "buy" access to special Federation equipment, such as an experimental new tricorder for use on away missions. If he saves up long enough, he can spend his prestige to get a ship commission."

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