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UO Client Patch 5.0.2 and Publish 40 E-mail
Friday, 28 April 2006

Publish 40 will introduce a new quest for players. It can be also tested on TC2 speaking with Gareth in the Parliment building of Magincia.

Wednesday the clients were also patchd to version 5.0.2.

Patch Notes - Ultima Online 5.0.2
  • New targeting feature
    • Targeting reticule
    • Target status gump
    • Target cycling macros
  • New buff/debuff gump (requires server publish)
  • Spell casting target cursor no longer disappears quickly in 3D client if client does not have a desktop.uos file
  • Players now receive correct message when a trade fails due to vendor or item count
  • Fixed a misspelling in the bark displayed when Strangle is cast on a target
  • The MyUO button now takes players to the Japanese MyUO site when the client is displaying Japanese
  • Localization changes
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