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What's the Future of UO? E-mail
Thursday, 27 April 2006
With this frequently (since years) asked questions satrts the April UO Newsletter. There is no answer but just an hint: "The players themselves will reveal the future of UO. If they figure out the currently-appearing puzzles and clues, they will do so while spring flowers are still in bloom."

The rest of the newsletter anticipates about new buddy rewards: "After Publish 40, all unused Bring A Friend To Britannia reward codes will let you choose between the three rewards above. That means that after Publish 40 if you’ve referred a buddy in the past, but haven’t used your code yet, you’ll still get to choose from any of the new rewards!".

The other newsletter titles are:

  • Spring decor now on sale
  • New Player Guide Revamped
  • Publish 40 Details
If you did't received the newsletter in your mailbox you can also read it here: April UO Newsletter
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