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UO Publish 40 on Origin E-mail
Thursday, 11 May 2006
"Publish 40 Now On Origin Publish 40 is now running on the Origin shard, so hop on now and see all the changes with targeting, the buff de-buff indicator, and the new quest."
One new quest? great! They keep taking the players as stupids. Check the full list of changes.

Publish 40 Additions, Changes, and Fixes


  • Buff/debuff (Server-side support to enable feature)
  • Targeting (Target Hostile cycle macro support)
  • Humility Cloak Quest
  • New Buddy Reward selections
  • Added a book "The Shattering" into bank boxes


  • It is no longer possible to cast explosion or use an explosion scroll if another explosion spell or scroll is already in progress
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to temporarily be over the skill cap
  • Balanced swing speed. Updated the Swing Speed calculation to seconds: -1 tick for every 30 stamina, -1 tick per 30% SSI. Also changed the way SSI is displayed.
  • Backstab, Focus Attack, Ki Attack, and Momentum Attack now do less damage against players
  • The bonus to damage from Evil Omen has been reduced against players
  • Damage bonus from Perfection and Honor will no longer affect players
  • Honorable Execution no longer works against players
  • Poison Strike. Casting time has been increased slightly from 6 to 7, and the minimum base damage has been decreased from 36 to 32
  • Death Strike now clears its stalking bonus correctly. This fix also effects Backstab and Surprise Attack
  • Capped Stalking Bonus based on stalker's Tracking Skill. Stalking bonus is now capped at 10 + 1/10 skill
  • Players who use a wand to cast a spell are now frozen for a few seconds while the targeting cursor comes up
  • Changed the way wands work so players cannot use them while casting other spells
  • Ki attack no longer works with archery
  • Dog and cat animal forms now regain hit points at a faster rate
  • Mana vampire and paralyze now flag as criminal
  • Fixed a flagging issue that involved attacking another player while in animal form
  • Damage from blood oath and damage reflect armor will no longer stack
  • Fixed an issue where auto-defend would override a player's current target
  • Actively attacking a target while in peace mode will now put you into war mode
  • Hit-area weapon effects now check for line of sight
  • Re-applying a stat altering spell now resets the duration of the spell correctly
  • Improved the behavior when two stat altering spells that affect the same stat in the opposite direction are applied to a player.
  • Fixed an issue with the PVM damage cap not working correctly in certain cases involving slayer weapons


  • Lowered the amount of points it takes to increase tiers at the Zoo Community Collection
  • Lowered the number of points for a buckler in the Library Collection from 16 down to 9
  • Placing an Arcane focus stone into a Sacrificial Altar will now destroy it immediately
  • Fixed an issue where the True Harrower did not appear sometimes after the Harrower was killed
  • Summoned bonded pets (for example Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon) can no longer be dispelled by creatures such as Dull Copper Elementals
  • Added a fix for some pets (ferrets/squirrels) to prevent them from having their hit points lowered under certain conditions
  • It is no longer possible to engrave pets
  • Creatures with spellcasting with a range of 9 tiles will now be able to reach 10 tiles
  • Players who have over 200 points of skill who try to use an Advanced Character Token now get a message telling them why their action failed
  • Fixed an issue where some books were appearing as "A Buggy Book"
  • Repair deeds no longer decay quickly when left on the ground
  • Gypsy bankers no longer give the appearance that they can train skills
  • Parrots can now mimic Japanese text
  • Fixed the width of the "yes" and "no" text fields on the murder reporting gump, so they wouldn't be truncated in Japanese
  • Removed decreased casting time for scrolls
  • Moved the exit in the Blighted Grove peerless encounter area
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