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Tuesday, 16 May 2006
While the Ultima Online client receives patch 5.0.2a, Publish 40 is being published to the Origin and Lake Superior shards.
Client Patch 5.0.2a list of changes:
  • Added targeting reticle on/off toggle to the options gump
  • Toggling off the new targeting system now disables the target status gump as well
  • The targeting reticle no longer displays when items are targeted via double-clicking, only when they are cycled to using macros
  • Targeting reticle no longer obscures small items
  • Removed highlighting when targeting something with the reticle system. Highlighting still appears if the player is in combat with the target, or if the player mouses-over a stat bar other than the target status gump
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a player from being able to double-click a target in certain spots when the reticle system was turned off
  • Moved the default location for the target status gump the first time it ever comes up to the upper left corner of the game window so that it wouldn’t conceal the target
  • Fixed an issue that could cause health bars to not update properly
  • Target status gumps now display when the target is poisoned
  • Mounting or dismounting from a pet no longer causes a player to lose their current target. Also mounting no longer brings up or changes the target status gump
  • Target reticle now resizes correctly if the player targets themselves and then mounts a pet
  • Fixed a client crash that would sometimes occur when cycling through targets too quickly
  • Added the AttackLast macro back in
  • Renamed the UseLastObject macro to LastObject for 2D/3D client. Macros already setup with UseLastObject will automatically be converted to the new name
  • Renamed the ToggleReticleOn/Off macro to TargetSystemOn/Off. Macros already setup with TargetSystemOn/Off will automatically be converted to the new name
  • Added a feedback message when a player uses the TargetSystemOn/Off reticle
  • Fixed an issue with tool tips being off when there are more than 3 icons and the orientation is up or left
  • Moved the default location for the buff/debuff gump
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the buff/debuff gump to move when the game window was moved
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the buff/debuff gump that occurred when a player cast Divine Fury and then crossed a server line
  • Fixed several buff/debuff tool tips
  • Removed a debug message that would appear if a player left a party
  • Removed an area of green land that was unintentionally added to the corner of the map
  • Added the Reduce Display Framerate toggle to Japanese options gump
  • Bump version letter to "a"
  • Localization changes


Publish 40 list of changes can instead be read here .


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