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WWIIOL Networking Changes E-mail
Tuesday, 16 May 2006
From CRS: "While its not unusual for other online games to display as as many, or even more, players than WWII Online, they don't do so with the same raw PvP requirements. It's not unusual to see people warping and skating in Ironforge, nor is it uncommon to see people "departing" the ground when running up a rise or ramp in DAoC.

But in WWIIOL warping really matters. And the solution to warping is: show me less people or use more bandwidth."

The networking changes in 1.23.0 reduced warping and smoothed out stutters. Or made the game unplayable, depending on your system (particularly network controller) and bandwidth.

We reduced the unplayability factor with 1.23.1, and reduced it further with a small optional download, but some players still could only play with "Medium" vis limit setting. This appears to have been related to the last improvement we made, which allowed the host to send more data in a single "packet" - unfortunately a few ISPs appear to deal rather brutally with these large packets and simply reject them outright (probably based on suspicion of an old Windows exploit). Which lead to a CTHL not long after entering the game world.

In the long term we intend to continue trying to reduce the bandwidth requirements, improving the updater and making things less warpy regardless of your connections, as well as making connections more dynamic so that bursts of packetloss might result in a little warping/lag but not a loss of connection.

I'd like to thank all of the players who took time to open support tickets with detailed information on their systems and the problem as they experienced it. This helped us to rapidly eliminate a variety of possibilities and home in on the actual issues.

Hey, I was liking that...

If the 1.23.x networking changes were a significant improvement for you; if you have a high-end broadband connection (384kbps minimum); if you consistently get under 150ms to "Main Pri" or "Main Alt" with our Connection Test tool; if you are comfortable with editing your config file: You can try the new update/visibility setting by following the instructions here
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