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Current State of Neocron E-mail
Tuesday, 16 May 2006
Nidhogg provides us an interesting post about the current development status of Neocron. Players were waiting for this kind of information, they were complaining quite a lot on the forums about lack of communication.

Current situation
Intensive work is under way both internally and with the community on game re-balancing. We are taking on board ideas and reflecting them back to the community through an iterative process intended to capture optimum class design going forward. Not since the early days of the beta "Brainport" have we seen this much community involvement and we're happy to see virtually everyone's willingness to contribute in a positive and constructive way!

Ceres Labs, turrets, heals:
These issues are known and in work. A patch is needed but all development effort has to be performed with the balancing work in mind. As stated on the turret thread, we'd rather fix the problems properly later than just waste time with bandaid solutions that will be removed down the line.

The storyline has been boosted both in the magazines and ingame. Launcher updates and ingame mails have increased. We recommend that you read the magazines to keep up to date with events.

Little hint: yesterday we began a world-wide event that will run for over 6 weeks. Please keep an eye open, especially on the magazines!
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