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Etherea: Dark Genesis
Auto Assault Patched E-mail
Wednesday, 17 May 2006
Some days ago Auto Assault received its first big patch since release. Patch Notes

Bug Fixes


  • Fix for helmet’s that disable hair style/colors, switching to another character/helmet and then switching back causing the style/colors not to return to disabled state (ex. in character create screen, get a no hair helmet, swap class or sex, then swap back)
  • Fixed TNet Artillery’s animation, finally! Woo!
  • Fixed static TemperNet Artillery’s skill cast. Animation now plays correctly.
  • Fixed minor typos in missions for ‘The Warren’.
  • Fixed unset layer name and description in ‘Zeman’s Garage’.
  • Militia Base - Added Corps Armored Transports to Windjammer area of Militia Base.
  • Militia Base - Fixed floating trees.
  • Ground Zero - Removed On death triggers that were making people temporarily invulnerable when they killed another player.
  • Battle Pitz Tavern - fixed broken vehicle vendor.
  • Fixed the Derelict Python so that it will now respawn. Previously, the unit was not respawning.
  • Fixed the Zendig Fire in Dreamtime so that it is now labeled correctly.
  • The Scav Hawker and Native Wayne will no longer be attacked by player summons.
  • Agent Fein was up to his knees in the repair pad in Scrap Valley, so moved him away from the repair pad.
  • Doctrine Terminal in Scrap Valley was facing a wall and has now been turned around.
  • Fix for collision against same faction players
  • Fix to skills costing the wrong amount if you have a skill bonus.
  • Fix to music playing over special cinematic events.
  • Fix for shard name length crash.
  • Fix for issue with trading causing inventory desync.

  • missions no longer scale XP.
  • Lowered spawn counts in ‘Race for the Wind’.
  • Fixed “Terminal Velocity” so it properly completes.
  • Fixed typo in mission “Terminator Mingo.”
  • Fixed typo in mission “Mopping Up.”
  • Fixed typo in mission “Private Residence.”
  • Mission “The Transporters” now gives correct rewards.
  • Use objective in mission “Icons” now fixed.
  • PC Gamer and Collectors Edition special missions now only completable when you are Level 5 or higher.
  • Mission “INC Maintenance” can now be completed.
  • Mission “Cause for Alarm” will no longer fail when campfire is destroyed.
  • Fixed final deliver on mission “Clear Warning” (Human).
  • Fixed the text for the mission “Believe My Eyes.”
  • Fixed the mission “Dye a Little Bit” so that no items are left in the player’s inventory.
  • Fixed the mission “The Projectile Weapon Crafting Discipline III” to point to the correct map.
  • Fixed a typo in the mission “Skills to Pay the Bills.”
  • Fixed the instructions in the mission “Tool Analysis.”
  • Fix for level requirement on mission being spammy.

  • Fixed improper calculation of how much HP you get from each point of tech in the rollover of the tech attribute in the character window. 
  • You should see correct max hp in town again (swapping vehicles won’t display 1/1 hp etc).
  • Fixed typo when a global reconnects after crashing “Comm system comming back online” to “Comm system is back online”.
Items / Crafting

  • Fixed a bug that was causing a problem with selling stacks of items using the shift+click method or the mass move sell method.
  • Fixed bug where first thing crafted from memory isn’t marked from memory.
  • Crafting from memory wasn’t refreshing the discipline points value correctly (you could be gaining points but wouldn’t know it because the numbers weren’t updating).
  • Fix for wheel sets not drawing in select screen.
  • Fix for vehicle swapping corrupting inventory
  • fix to gadgeting making level requirement go up when when item is enhanced


  • When you complete a minor ‘stunt’ now (via a large leap or fall), you’ll see a little report in the upper-right corner of the screen.  You can disable this in the Interface Options at the very bottom.
  • Discipline pre-reqs that the player does not meet will show up red in the discipline trainer window.
  • Added a 30% Slow attack to the Desert Xosage.
  • Added heal pad in human mini base in Grand Junction for Humans.
  • Militia Base - Added General Goods vendors to HARP and truck stop.
  • Added a cool down to Skill 3143, Seething Bloodspitter PBAE attack.
  • Added an item reward to the mission “Lieutenant: An Officer’s Duty.”
  • Added the proper item reward to the mission “Big Jim’s Burgers.”
  • Added ‘Walking the Land II’ to Proving Grounds. 
  • Added set active trigger and reaction to over-ride any preorder missions in The Wastes.
  • Added set active trigger and reaction to over-ride any preorder missions in Tierra Roja.
  • Added set active trigger and reaction to over-ride any preorder missions in Ark Bay.



  • Instance XP bonus changed in instance maps to 2% for 2 players 4% for 3 players and 6% for 4 players.
  • You should be able to take screenshots even while the shift key is being held down now.
  • Spending points in tech/theory forcibly updates the vehicle hard points window (if it’s open) so that it reflects the new max hp/power.
  • Tweaked all motorcycle physics
  • Changed vehicle physics system to not bounce vehicles as much after a big jump
  • Modified critical hit and critical damage formulas.
  • Stunts should no longer accumulate if you die, are in hazard mode, or in spectator mode (like intro sequences). We also show the old stunt data.
  • All mines and escorts no longer take up a player summoned creature slot.
  • Escorts should now bring up an icon with duration left to achieve escort mission success.
  • Removed massive extra heal effect from Tesla Coils in Nostros mission, now they should work as intended.
  • Raised count of ‘Callow Bloodspitters’ in Western Front’.
  • Removed multiple scorpions on paths in ‘Western Front’. 
  • Adjusted improper layer setting in contested missions for ‘Choppin Maul’ and ‘Moat’.
  • Winston - replaced NPC Wittaugh with a vendor terminal to repair fictional strangeness of him being in two places at once.
  • Ft. Logan - Took store off of Agent Sotho because it was interfering with a mission.
  • Moved the RBF Console in Suicide Town so that it may be accessed from any layer.
  • Citadel - changed one of the Hazard Kit dealers to a “Junkyard” for balancing.
  • Increased the delay between Seething Bloodspitter’s attacks.
  • The nanite/goo conflict within Dezparo was making him jitter and drive very sporadically. He has applied copious amounts of pain and pleasure, and is now fine.

  • If you run the game at 800x600, the character create screen race/class description windows will now have scrollbars as the text would otherwise be cut off
  • If there are too many Discipline Pre-reqs to fit in the pre-req window while talking to a discipline trainer, it’ll automatically switch to a smaller font that can fit them.
  • Newbie chat will now say new user clan instead of clan.
  • Created new Biomek hazard mode armor skills.

  • Adjusted missions in ‘Proving Grounds’ to assure levels are set correctly and prereqs are correct to remove perceived level gaps.
  • Adjusted patrol points in ‘Proving Grounds’.
  • Changed the NPC that gives the mission “Windfall I” to the correct NPC.
  • Changed the missions “The One Will IV” and “The One Will V” to give correct directions.
  • Conducted a pass through missions to assure levels are set correctly and prereqs are correct to remove perceived level gaps.
  • Increased the stats on Benno the Smasher to be more boss-like. Also gave him a more powerful front weapon.
  • Increased the stats on Raid (13399) to be more miniboss-like.
  • Munitions Transport escort should now show up as level 36 with high hit points as intended.
  • Munitions Transport escort no longer terminates inside transition circle where the player can’t get to it.
  • Increased fail distance for escort in mission “Emancipation” (all races) to 200m.
Items / Crafting

  • Equipping a power plant with enhancements on it will show correct max power values on the client in town now.
  • Changed the wording on the Tinkering research rollover to correctly state that it’s right-click then left-click instead of the other way around to use tinkering kits
  • You can drag Consumables to your QuickBar in town again
  • Mass moving large amounts of inventory should no longer freeze your computer for extended periods of time
  • You can no longer have >95% chance to succeed in reverse engineering.
  • Removed higher tier forms of unrefined commodities, the base level commodity now drops throughout level ranges and is used in recipes across level ranges.
  • Pass done on crafting disciplines to identify and correct items with the incorrect discipline rank needed to repair
  • Pass done on experimentation recipes, less enhancements share recipes now, especially low level enhancements.  Generally groups contain 3-5 enhancements that share a recipe.
  • Changed some experimentation recipe groups now require less complex ingredients.
  • Pass done on rare items, most ultra rare and higher items will also require a rare drop commodity or component to repair.
  • Updated all racial stat bonus progressions across all hazard chips, with a general increase in stat bonuses.
  • Changed the description on Blood Phial (2306) to indicate 5 pulses instead of 15.
  • Created 32 new medium front weapons to fill in the gaps in levels 3-15.
  • Created a number of new medium front weapons to fill in the gaps in availability for non-Agent classes.

  • Removed the Slow attack from the Desert Crawler.
  • Removed Windforce skill from Biomute Banished (4886).
  • Changed Xeno Lumiere (14249) cannon attack to target enemy instead of self.
  • Last available skill level can be added by an equipped skill cast.
  • Certain summons don’t count against your summon count anymore. This should fix rear weapons, escorts, and a few player skills we don’t want to count.
  • Sniper Combat Mode to +33% chance to Critical Hit from +50% chance to Critical Hit.


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