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Wednesday, 24 May 2006
Yesterday Guild Wars received a client/server patch that fixed some of the lag issues, one crash problem, the korean translation and a few more thing.

Update - Tuesday May 23
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain towns and outposts to experience heavy lag.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players who did not have access to the Prophecies campaign from entering Fissure of Woe and The Underworld.
  • Fixed a crash bug in The Deep.
  • Fixed bugs and made improvements to the following quests: A Meeting With the Emperor, To Tahnnakai Temple, Luxon Supply Lines, and The Shadow Blades.
  • Changed the compositions of enemy groups in the Duel of the Houses quest.
  • Updated the merchants in Raisu Palace and Imperial Sanctum so that they now sell Forbidden Keys instead of Canthan Keys.
  • Updated the merchant in Zin Ku Corridor so that he now sells Phantom Keys and Obsidian Keys.
  • Added a name for the merchant in Tahnnakai Temple.
  • Improved the spam filter.
  • Updated Korean translations.
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