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DAOC RvR Event E-mail
Wednesday, 24 May 2006
This looks interesting: "Well, here it is, the Pendragon RvR event you’ve all been waiting for! Ever want to thwack a Community Minion? Now’s your chance! On Saturday, May 27th, I’ll be holding an RvR event on Agramon. All players are welcome, so please drag your guildies out for some fun. The object of this game is to have the deathblow on Missy. Here’s how it will work:"


  • Copy your favorite RvR Character to Pendragon sometime this week. For instructions on copying your character over, go here .
  • At 7:00PM Eastern on Saturday, May 27, please assemble at your mile gates on Agramon. Missy will do a /who Agramon for each realm. 
  • Round 1: A random group will be chosen from the realm with the highest number of players. That group will be the Protectors of Missy for Round 1 (you’ll need to invite her to your group). When the signal is given, groups from the other two realms will try to rush in for the kill. Whoever gets the killing blow on Missy for Round 1 will get a beta invitation for his or her group for our upcoming expansion!
  • Round 2: Missy will join the winning group from Round 1, and the other two realms will have a chance. Whoever gets the deathblow on Missy for Round 2 will win a beta invitation for their group.
  • Round 3: Missy will join the winning group from Round 2, and give the final realm a chance to win. This round will continue until the winning group is from the remaining realm. (In other words, if Midgard wins round 1 and Hibernia wins Round 2, then Round 3 will go on until the Deathblow comes from Albion.)

By the end of the event only three groups will have won, one from each realm. Will yours be the winning group? Come on out and see!
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