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Wednesday, 07 June 2006
All the Dark Age of Camelot noticed yesterday that teir clients started to download a 7Mb prepatch. Those are art files which should not change any graphics but improve slightly the framerate in Shrouded Isles zones.
New changes are also in the cookpot. 


The test server was patched to Test Version 1.84d with the following changes to the Banelord Master Level line:
  • All spells and Abilities in Banelord, with the exception of Primal Agony and Agony Transmission, have been changed so they no longer interrupt other players who are casting.
  • Primal Agony and Agony Transmission range has been reduced to 500 units.
  • Snaring Tendrils of Power now correctly has a recast timer of 5 minutes.

Please not that those changes are there just for testing and are not definitive at all. So if you try them remember to send your feedback to Mythic.

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