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New EVE Patch the 6th of June E-mail
Tuesday, 30 May 2006
The third part o Bloodlines will be released Tuesday, 6 June. Patch Notes are available for subscribers to the EVE online website , and here on OGRank for all the others.
Bloodlines Patch Notes

Fixes, Changes and Improvements


  • Carrier cargo holds can no longer be overloaded.
  • Mothership volume has been decreased and they can now be stored in Capital Ship Assembly and Maintenance Arrays.
  • The description of the Gila has been updated. It incorrectly stated an optimal range bonus instead of the correct hybrid damage bonus.
  • The Sleipnir and Astarte's description have been fixed and display the proper 10% bonus to falloff instead of 5%.
  • Wolf's falloff bonus has been increased to 10% to balance it with other ships of the same class.
  • An error in the Badger description has been amended.
  • The Eris missile thermal damage bonus has been fixed.
  • The Bantam's description now lists a 20% mining yield bonus instead of an optimal range bonus.
  • The description for the Atron frigate was incorrect and now shows the correct 5% bonus to small hybrid turrets per gallente frigate skill level.

Modules, Weapons and Drones

  • Focused Medium Beam Laser II falloff has been increased to 6,000m. Its falloff used to be lower than TL1, named and faction equivalents.
  • The Bloodclaw Precision Light Missile description error has been fixed.
  • The Jump Portal Generator I no longer requires Jump Portal Generation at lvl 5. The module may be used with the skill trained to lvl 1.

Skills and Implants

  • Removed the Sharpshooting skill requirement from Drone Sharpshooting and Navigation from Drone Navigation.

Player Owned Structures, Science and Industry

  • Corporation Hangar Array has been increased in capacity to 1.4 million total storage.
  • Mission services have been added to the Cloning, Manufacturing and Refining conquerable outposts.
  • Mining Barges and Elite Mining Barges can now be built in Medium Ship Assembly Arrays.


  • The Jump Portal Generation & Cloning Facility Operation skills have been added to the market and seeded.
  • The Clone Facility Operation skill has been seeded on the market.
  • The Jump Portal Generation skill has been seeded on the market.
  • New groups have been added to the blueprints list and some blueprints have been moved into more applicable groups.

Deadspaces, Agents and Missions

  • All overseers in DL5 complexes and up have received some modification ranging from spawn frequency to aggression radius.
  • The respawn rate of certain overseers has been adjusted.
  • A number of defence tactics in deadspace complexes have been revamped. Some deadspace pockets will now alert the overseer pirates to intruders, while in other pockets the pirate forces are now much more paranoid than before.
  • The spawn time of all "keyholder" equivalents in complexes of difficulty levels 5 to 10 has been adjusted.
  • The aggression range of Overseers in the Angel Military Operations complex has been adjusted.
  • The defenses of the 'Megathron Under Frantic Repair' in the Angel Naval Shipyard have been increased.
  • A rough difficulty estimate has been added for many COSMOS missions. To find the rating, open the show info window of the ship of the agent in question. NOTE: This rating is not available for all COSMOS missions.
  • The volume information for agents in space no longer displays 1.0.
  • The ship blueprint blowout offers have been tweaked (again) to add more emphasis on loyalty points rather than ISK.
  • The Control Headquarters Overseer in one of the deadspace pockets in the Angel Military Operations Complex now operates with reduced capacitor and shield recharge rates, but with increased shield hit points.
  • The mission 'Utopian Signs - Navy Issue Amplifier (3 of 3)' now rewards with credits instead of items.
  • The red warning text in the level 1 version of the Worlds Collide mission has been fixed, it used to incorrectly state that only frigates are allowed through the gates (destroyers are also allowed).
  • The dungeon description of the World's Collide mission has been made more intuitive (especially for the level 1 version).
  • The amount of research tools needed to transport in Artifact Excavations - Tools In Short Supply (2 of 5) have been greatly reduced.
  • The number of marines needed to transport in Operation: Rattlesnake - Filling The Ranks (2 of 3) have been reduced.
  • The message given by agents handing out the "Improving Relations" mission has been changed and clearly states why the player is not given a mission.
  • The spawn frequency of the Overseer Structure in "The Dead Gate" has been reduced.
  • The mission requirements for 'In the Midst of Deadsdpace, 3/5' have been changed. The gate permit is now required to finish the mission, this prevents a player from accidentally finishing the mission without retrieving the permit required in the following mission.
  • Misleading text in the agent dialogue of the mission 'Mercantile Settlers - Outlaws (5 of 5)' no longer directs the player to the Guristas Outpost, but to the correct moon in the system.

Chat and Messages

  • Switching between tabbed chat channels no longer causes client lag.
  • Links that where wrapped into two or more lines in the chat were not clickable. This error has been resolved.
  • The line spacing in chat windows has been reduced.
  • Mailing list moderators can now delete mails from mailing lists they operate.
  • Editing the MOTD of chat channels should no longer make unwanted color changes.
  • A character spacing issue with fonts using cyrillic characters, such as Russian, has been resolved.


  • A browser window opened through the reimbursement option in the petition system can now be interacted with and is not stuck behind the petition window.
  • Text clipping in the character creation progress has been fixed.
  • Some textures in the Gallente Intaki female, Amarr Ni-kunni male and Jin-mei male avatars have been repaired.
  • The mouse cursor icon will now change when hovered over interactable text and links will be highlighted.
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